Wall Mounted Chimney

A wall-mounted chimney is a lifesaver for anyone working in the kitchen as they help suck the smoke out of the kitchen and keep its temperature down as well as the environment inside the kitchen sufficient for breathing.
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Wall Mounted Chimney

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About Wall-mounted Chimney

The kitchen remains hot most of the time and a lot of times the reason behind heat is smoke. Without a proper outlet, the smoke remains in the kitchen making cooking an unpleasant experience. Getting a wall chimney for the kitchen will help in seamlessly removing smoke from the kitchen.

Smoke also ruins the kitchen tiles, which is why a wall-mounted chimney for the kitchen becomes essential. The conventional chimney has now been replaced by an electric chimney. The hanging chimney in the kitchen would suck out the air containing smoke leaving behind a smoke-free kitchen.

The wall chimney in the kitchen comes with a filter that removes grease and other particles. The electric chimney is also known as a kitchen hood.

Types of wall mounted chimneys

There are different types of chimneys like an island chimney (in the kitchen center), or corner chimney (located at one corner), or a built-in chimney (built within the furniture). But the most common type is the wall-mounted chimney. This chimney is fitted against the wall and the cooktop. The hob is also adjacent to the wall.

Materials used in wall-mounted chimney

The best chimney in India is made from stainless steel. This is the preferred material since stainless steel is durable, lightweight, and easy to maintain. Chimneys can also be made from aluminum. Some chimneys are made from glass. While they look attractive, they are not very practical for kitchens.


When you buy chimneys online, you can get them at a more competitive price. Shankara Buildpro is one of the most trusted sources to buy chimneys online in India. You can buy the auto-clean chimney at the best price. The price of a well-branded chimney would be around Rs 47,000.

What are the types of kitchen chimney filters used in wall-mounted chimneys?

Mesh filters:

Also known as cassette filters, these filters trap solid particles while the smoke leaves out of the chimney outlet. Maintenance is an issue with this filter type.

Baffle filters:

This is the most common type of filter found in chimneys. The panels on the chimneys have curves that help the smoke to escape easily. At the same time, it restrains the grease. Unlike mesh filters, they are easy to maintain.

Carbon filters:

Carbon filters can remove bad odors from the kitchen. All greasy particles stick to the carbon filter. They need to be replaced after 6 months.

Some of the factors to consider are:

  1. The chimney should have good suction power, so it can remove the smoke.
    The capacity should be more than 400 cubic meters per hour.
  2. Choose a good quality filter.
  3. Select a chimney that is easy to install and maintain, preferably from a good brand.