Standing under a shower is one of the most relaxing experiences one can stimulate, now with so many latest designs and different types of showers you can boost that experience to a new level.

Explore numerous types of showers like telephone showers, rain showers, overhead showers, waterfall showers and many more.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 241 products
Save Rs. 1,387.50
Jaquar OverHead Shower OHS-CHR-1633
Jaquar OverHead Shower OHS-CHR-1633

Sale priceRs. 7,862.50

MRP Rs. 9,250.00

Save Rs. 287.50
Parryware Hand Shower T9945A1

Sale priceRs. 862.50

MRP Rs. 1,150.00

Save Rs. 920.00
Aquant Body Shower 1484
Aquant Body Shower 1484

Sale priceRs. 3,680.00

MRP Rs. 4,600.00

Save Rs. 281.25
Jaquar Shower Rail SHA-CHR-1189N
Jaquar Shower Rail SHA-CHR-1189N

Sale priceRs. 1,593.75

MRP Rs. 1,875.00

Cera Shower Arm F7040103
Cera Shower Arm F7040103
Rs. 330.00
Save Rs. 405.00
Jaquar Shower Arm SHA-CHR-455L600
Jaquar Shower Arm SHA-CHR-455L600

Sale priceRs. 2,295.00

MRP Rs. 2,700.00

Save Rs. 4,950.00
Jaquar Shower Panel JPL-BLK-G084...
Jaquar Shower Panel JPL-BLK-G0842JAX

Sale priceRs. 28,050.00

MRP Rs. 33,000.00

Save Rs. 772.50
Jaquar OverHead Shower OHS-CHR-1613
Jaquar OverHead Shower OHS-CHR-1613

Sale priceRs. 4,377.50

MRP Rs. 5,150.00

Save Rs. 251.25
Jaquar Shower Rail SHA-CHR-1187N
Jaquar Shower Rail SHA-CHR-1187N

Sale priceRs. 1,423.75

MRP Rs. 1,675.00

Save Rs. 172.50
Jaquar Shower Arm SHA-CHR-479L450
Jaquar Shower Arm SHA-CHR-479L450

Sale priceRs. 977.50

MRP Rs. 1,150.00

Save Rs. 255.00
Jaquar Hand Shower HSH-CHR-1939
Jaquar Hand Shower HSH-CHR-1939

Sale priceRs. 1,445.00

MRP Rs. 1,700.00

Save Rs. 322.50
Jaquar Hand Shower HSH-CHR-1739
Jaquar Hand Shower HSH-CHR-1739

Sale priceRs. 1,827.50

MRP Rs. 2,150.00

Save Rs. 530.00
Aquant OverHead Shower Brass 4000

Sale priceRs. 2,120.00

MRP Rs. 2,650.00

Save Rs. 2,152.50
Kohler Shower Set Toobi K-75457I...

Sale priceRs. 6,457.50

MRP Rs. 8,610.00

Save Rs. 1,390.00
Kohler Hand Shower EO K-98445IN-CP

Sale priceRs. 4,170.00

MRP Rs. 5,560.00

Save Rs. 555.00
Parryware Shower Arm T9949A1

Sale priceRs. 1,665.00

MRP Rs. 2,220.00

Cera Shower Arm F7040102
Cera Shower Arm F7040102
Rs. 475.00
Save Rs. 131,250.00
Kohler OverHead Shower Loure K-9...

Sale priceRs. 393,750.00

MRP Rs. 525,000.00

Save Rs. 1,642.50
Kohler Hand Shower Rainduet K-37...

Sale priceRs. 4,927.50

MRP Rs. 6,570.00

Save Rs. 315.00
Jaquar Hand Shower HSH-CHR-85537
Jaquar Hand Shower HSH-CHR-85537

Sale priceRs. 1,785.00

MRP Rs. 2,100.00

Save Rs. 10,275.00
Jaquar OverHead Shower OHS-CHR-1679
Jaquar OverHead Shower OHS-CHR-1679

Sale priceRs. 58,225.00

MRP Rs. 68,500.00

Save Rs. 6,000.00
Jaquar Shower Panel JPL-WHT-ST86113
Jaquar Shower Panel JPL-WHT-ST86113

Sale priceRs. 34,000.00

MRP Rs. 40,000.00

Save Rs. 1,725.00
Jaquar OverHead Shower OHS-CHR-1639
Jaquar OverHead Shower OHS-CHR-1639

Sale priceRs. 9,775.00

MRP Rs. 11,500.00

Save Rs. 225.00
Jaquar Shower Rail SHA-CHR-1197N
Jaquar Shower Rail SHA-CHR-1197N

Sale priceRs. 1,275.00

MRP Rs. 1,500.00

About Shower

A shower is an essential bathroom item, which is used for bathing. Modern bathroom design includes very attractive looking showers that lift up the whole interior of the washroom.

Showers help you in a better bathing experience as opposed to the traditional way.

Bathroom showers are no more seen as a mere utility like they used to but, are seen more as a reflection of one’s taste in design.

For that very matter, you should carefully choose the perfect shower for your bathroom.

Types of Shower

Telephone shower
The telephone shower head structure resembles that of a telephone thus they are named so. It looks quite unique and does the work pretty well.

Rain shower
Rain showerheads have created a lot of buzz since their launch as the water from this shower falls in the same manner as that of rain which looks quite fascinating and gives you the experience to crave for.

Waterfall Shower
Waterfall showers are the latest addition to this segment, in these types of showerheads the water literally falls as if falling from a waterfall.

Overhead shower
Overhead showers are the most common types of shower, which are mounted to the ceiling.

Hand shower
Hand showers are portable handheld showerheads which give you the liberty to wash any part of the body with ease.

Whether you are looking for shower panels, shower set, shower tube, shower tray or shower nozzle. Shankara Buildpro has got you all covered.

You can even buy bathroom accessories set to grab all the necessary items in one go.

Best Shower Panel Brands in India?

There are quite a few good brands in this segment such as:

At Shankara Buildpro we have the latest showerheads from all these top brands.


There are quite a few important things which you should be considering such as:

Type of shower - As there are many types of showerheads which one will suit your bathroom and the designing criteria.

Budget - You should always have a certain budget range in your mind so as to filter things easily and move straight to the point.

Installation - Some showers are mounted to the wall and others might require other treatment, you should ask about what the installation process will look like.

These are the materials in which showerheads are available:

  • Stainless steel shower head
  • Steel shower head
  • Plastic showerhead
  • Brass shower

One of the most trusted sources to buy shower panels in India is Shankara Buildpro. We offer you a wide range of shower panels to choose from that too at affordable prices from top brands in India.

We have been serving in this segment for the last 25 years and are one of the largest dealers of sanitaryware items in India.