Ceiling Light

Ceiling lights are light fixtures that are mounted on the ceiling in a room. The position of ceiling lights ensures they illuminate the room in the best way.

We have a variety of ceiling lights on offer for you. Whether you want led ceiling lights, false ceiling lights, rope ceiling lights, living room ceiling lights, designer ceiling lights, or concealed ceiling lights, we have all types on offer.

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Ceiling Light

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About Ceiling Light

Ceiling lights are fixed to the ceiling of a room. They may either hang close to the ceiling or against it. The nature of ceiling lights is such that they provide ambient lighting to the room.

Designer ceiling lights are also available that only provide lighting but also act as an interior décor element. Ceiling lights can be installed anywhere in the home. You can even install kitchen ceiling lights and bathroom ceiling lights.

Types of Ceiling lights

There are primarily two types of ceiling lights – flush and semi-flush. The flush mount ceiling light does not hang down and is fixed close to the ceiling. Semi-flush ceiling lights hang a bit below the ceiling. Apart from these primary types, there are other ceiling types like:

  • LED ceiling lights
  • Living room ceiling lights
  • Bedroom ceiling lights
  • Fancy ceiling lights
  • Wall ceiling light
  • Balcony ceiling light

Materials used in Ceiling lights

The bulb in the ceiling light is made of glass. Other materials used to make ceiling lights are:

  • Crystal
  • Metal
  • Fabric (for the light shade)


Chandeliers and hanging lights have ceiling cups or plates fixed to the ceiling. The main fixture itself is hung from the plate or cup. In a ceiling light, there is very little space between the ceiling and the light fixture. Also, ceiling lights are flat as compared to other lights.

Ceiling lights provide ambient lighting. Also referred to as general lighting, ambient lighting lights up the entire room and not just a small part. It ensures the illumination in the room is uniform. It ensures the room is properly lit to ensure safety. Ambient lighting is such that it bounces off the walls to increase the intensity of illumination in the room.

The best part of using ceiling lights is that they are both functional and decorative. They provide ambient lighting and at the same enhance the appearance of the room. Ceiling lights come in different designs and patterns. These types of lights are decorative in nature.

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