A sink is a bowl-shaped water fixture used for hand washing, dishwashing, and other purposes.

You can get the greatest deals on a number of sink varieties, including double kitchen sinks, steel sinks, quartz kitchen sinks, granite kitchen sinks, stainless steel kitchen sinks, and more.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 180 products
Save Rs. 1,500.00
Carysil Kitchen Sink Big Bowl
Carysil Kitchen Sink Big Bowl

Sale priceRs. 8,500.00

MRP Rs. 10,000.00

Save Rs. 1,920.00
Carysil Kitchen Sink Swan New As...
Carysil Kitchen Sink Swan New Ascend

Sale priceRs. 10,880.00

MRP Rs. 12,800.00

Save Rs. 3,015.00
Carysil Kitchen Sink New Beethov...

Sale priceRs. 17,085.00

MRP Rs. 20,100.00

Save Rs. 1,350.00
Carysil Vogue Single Bowl Draine...
Carysil Vogue Single Bowl Drainer (SS) 40x20x9

Sale priceRs. 7,650.00

MRP Rs. 9,000.00

Save Rs. 2,085.00
Carysil Kitchen Sink Jumbo Bowl
Carysil Kitchen Sink Jumbo Bowl

Sale priceRs. 11,815.00

MRP Rs. 13,900.00

Save Rs. 1,815.00
Carysil Kitchen Sink Waltz-780
Carysil Kitchen Sink Waltz-780

Sale priceRs. 10,285.00

MRP Rs. 12,100.00

Save Rs. 1,260.00
Futura Kitchen Sink FS 2118 NQ
Futura Kitchen Sink FS 2118 NQ

Sale priceRs. 7,140.00

MRP Rs. 8,400.00

Save Rs. 1,215.00
Carysil Kitchen Sink Magic Salsa
Carysil Kitchen Sink Magic Salsa

Sale priceRs. 6,885.00

MRP Rs. 8,100.00

Save Rs. 2,775.00
Carysil Kitchen Sink Largo-3620
Carysil Kitchen Sink Largo-3620

Sale priceRs. 15,725.00

MRP Rs. 18,500.00

Save Rs. 2,097.00
Carysil Kitchen Sink Vivaldi D150
Carysil Kitchen Sink Vivaldi D150

Sale priceRs. 11,883.00

MRP Rs. 13,980.00

Save Rs. 2,070.00
Carysil Kitchen Sink Vivaldi D100L
Carysil Kitchen Sink Vivaldi D100L

Sale priceRs. 11,730.00

MRP Rs. 13,800.00

Save Rs. 2,385.00
Carysil Kitchen Sink New Beethov...
Carysil Kitchen Sink New Beethoven D100L

Sale priceRs. 13,515.00

MRP Rs. 15,900.00

Save Rs. 3,285.00
Carysil Kitchen Sink Enigma D100L
Carysil Kitchen Sink Enigma D100L

Sale priceRs. 18,615.00

MRP Rs. 21,900.00

Save Rs. 1,200.00
Carysil Kitchen Sink Salsa
Carysil Kitchen Sink Salsa

Sale priceRs. 6,800.00

MRP Rs. 8,000.00

Save Rs. 2,458.00
Franke Kitchen Sink Tectonite 610

Sale priceRs. 9,832.00

MRP Rs. 12,290.00

Save Rs. 3,818.00
Franke Kitchen Sink BCX 610-61

Sale priceRs. 15,272.00

MRP Rs. 19,090.00

Save Rs. 1,075.50
Carysil Kitchen Sink Quadro Clas...

Sale priceRs. 6,094.50

MRP Rs. 7,170.00

Save Rs. 949.50
Carysil Kitchen Sink Quadro Clas...

Sale priceRs. 5,380.50

MRP Rs. 6,330.00

Save Rs. 1,368.00
Carysil Kitchen Sink Quadro 21x1...

Sale priceRs. 7,752.00

MRP Rs. 9,120.00

Save Rs. 2,475.00
Futura Kitchen Sink FS 2418 HM
Futura Kitchen Sink FS 2418 HM

Sale priceRs. 14,025.00

MRP Rs. 16,500.00

Save Rs. 2,505.00
Carysil Kitchen Sink Jazz-D100L
Carysil Kitchen Sink Jazz-D100L

Sale priceRs. 14,195.00

MRP Rs. 16,700.00

Save Rs. 1,395.00
Carysil Kitchen Sink Waltz-560
Carysil Kitchen Sink Waltz-560

Sale priceRs. 7,905.00

MRP Rs. 9,300.00

Save Rs. 2,445.00
Carysil Kitchen Sink Polo D100
Carysil Kitchen Sink Polo D100

Sale priceRs. 13,855.00

MRP Rs. 16,300.00

Save Rs. 2,550.00
Carysil Kitchen Sink Enigma N200
Carysil Kitchen Sink Enigma N200

Sale priceRs. 14,450.00

MRP Rs. 17,000.00

About Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks are used for a variety of tasks, from washing dishes and glasses to rinsing fruits and vegetables. For this reason, ours are built to be useful and durable.

Depending on your demands, you may choose a single or two-bowl sink. Therefore, a kitchen sink should be practical to use and visually fit the aesthetic appeal.

To satisfy the basic needs of modern households, modern kitchen sink designs are advancing. There are innovative designs, including one that has a single rotating faucet that supplies water to two kitchen washbasins. One of the basins resembles a dishwashing station.

Another kind of kitchen design is a double sink with modern sinks that serve several functions. The majority of homeowners also like kitchen sink designs that are modular and include features like chopping board coverings and small kitchen basin designs.

Sink sizes

When shopping for a kitchen sink, take measurements of both the surface and the kitchen cabinet.

A kitchen sink's standard depth ranges from 8 to 10 inches. A deeper bowl allows for more utensils and reduces water splashing. A deeper bowl, on the other hand, may put strain on one's back. Someone who wants to hand-wash their dishes may prefer a deeper sink for soaking or more workspace.

Types of Sinks

  • Single-bowl kitchen sink

    Big utensils like kadais, idli stands, and cookers can all be washed in the single-basin sink because of its size. Large families and busy kitchens benefit from single kitchen sink designs. Single basin sinks are also simpler to clean since they lack corners and edges.
  • Double-bowl kitchen sink

    With two side-by-side basins, double-bowl sinks are rectangular. Having a modern, functional design, a double sink is useful in the kitchen. A separator separates the bowls, which might be the same size or various sizes. You may rinse and dry your dishes in the second bowl.

Also, check:


  • Granite

    The benefits of building a granite sink for your kitchen is that you may make it in whatever dimension you desire!
    It creates a smooth look in your kitchen countertop, which is made by your mason. It's also the cheapest method for creating a kitchen sink.
  • Stainless steel

    The benefit of using a stainless steel sink is that it is very easy to clean, much like your utensils. A fantastic alternative for keeping it clean and lasting till you remodel your kitchen again.
    Made of brightening steel and offered in a variety of styles and sizes, these sinks may be chosen based on your requirements and the size of your kitchen platform.
  • Quartz

    Quartz is a hard natural stone material, it’s like a crystal which is colourless and transparent. Quartz sinks are made using mineral quartz / pigmented quartz with a combination of acrylic to give it a strong and beautiful structure design.


Bar sinks are typically put in a domestic damp bar and are smaller and shallower than a standard kitchen sink, making them a secondary alternative. They are typically a single-bowl design suited for prep work, beverage preparation, and easy cleanup.

Apron sinks, also known as farmhouse sinks, are huge single-basin sinks that stand out for having a front wall that serves as both the counter's and the sink's front

Kitchens with lots of counter space are indeed the ideal space for double sinks!