FE 500D

LFE 500D is a type of TMT steel bar. The “ D” stands for Ductility, which is one of the main properties of this type of TMT bar. With tensile strength and elasticity better than FE 500. FE500D gives higher flexibility than other types because of its chemical composition.

Unlike FE 500, FE500D contains sulfur, carbon, and phosphorus which are the main components that help in maintaining the steel quality and condition.

The malleability and Yield Strength(YS0) of these bars is highly valued and hence FE500D is the best choice for stacking or other similar activities. FE 500D has superior capacity to withstand the calamities and acts as a seismically resistant steel TMT bar.

It is important for a steel TMT bar to fulfill the flexibility, malleability and elongation needs and FE500D is the best for all of these applications with high elongation point, high ductility and malleability. Recommended for building constructions that are present in extreme environments and need strong and sturdy buildings that live through extreme weather conditions and fluctuations. Civil construction prefers Fe-500 and Fe-500D over all other grades of TMT bars.

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FE 500D


A major consideration when choosing TMT bars is their grade. Steel yield strength is expressed by the number Fe-600 in these names. Ductility is represented by the letter D. This means the chemical composition of various types of TMT bars varies. As a result, they have different strengths, ductility, thermal conductivity, durability, and Yield Strength(YS).


TMT bars are of different grades:

  • Fe-415
  • Fe-415D
  • Fe-500
  • Fe-500D
  • Fe-550



  1. The Ladle Refining Furnace (LRF) technology eliminates the generation of impurities like sulfur and phosphorus, as well as harmful gasses like oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen.
  2. In earthquake zones 3, 4, and 5, they have demonstrated excellent performance under seismic and dynamic conditions.
  3. The optimum carbon content makes them highly corrosion-resistant.
  4. With a Yield Strength(YS) of 520 N/mm2, making them suitable for large-scale projects, including airports, shopping malls, overpasses, malls, etc.
  5. A mandatory requirement of 18% elongation is needed for FE 500D TMT bars. In fact, they are the most ductile among all grades of TMT bars.

Types of FE 500D


  • FE 500D Ambuja Cement
  • Shyam Steel FE 500D
  • Kamdhenu FE 500D
  • Birla Shakti Cement
  • TATA Tiscon TMT Bars
  • JSW Neosteel pure grade TMT Bars


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    Materials used in FE 500D


    Although fundamentally made from elements like carbon, sulfur and phosphorus, small changes in the composition result in better malleability and weldability of TMT bar or steel. Phosphorus and sulfur add the ductility and toughness at the bar.


    FE500 D(MAX%)







    Frequently Asked Questions by Customers

    1. Is FE500 D better than FE 500 TMT Bar?

    Both the types of TMT bars contain less amount of sulfur and phosphorus which make them ideal for giving the construction rigid and strong stability.

    2. Are all FE TMT bars made up of Iron?

    Yes. TMT bars undergo a thermo-mechanical procedure which makes them more ductile and stronger. FE in the name stands for Iron as it is the best material keeping in mind the malleability and ductility required for TMT bars.

    3. How many types of TMT bars are there?

    Here are the types of TMT bars differentiated based on their property of compressive strength:

    • Fe-415
    • Fe-415D
    • Fe-500
    • Fe-500D
    • Fe-550