Gang Box

An electrical gang box is a box usually made from plastic and used to hold together electrical or electronic components. It helps to enclose wiring.

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Gang Box

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About Gang box

As the name suggests, the gang box is a ‘ganging’ mechanism for different kinds of switchboard components. The gang box would contain different elements of the switchboard like switches, sockets, regulators, etc.

The number of ‘gangs’ in the gang box would decide how wide it is and also how many devices can be fitted into it. For example, a 1 gang box would be sufficient for 1 device like a socket and switch.

Types of gang boxes

Depending on your need, you can choose from among the different types of gang boxes. Some of the types include:

  • 1 gang box
  • PVC gang box
  • Modular gang box
  • 4-way gang box
  • 6-way gang box

Materials used in gang boxes

Gang boxes can be made from three types of materials. They are:

  • Plastic
  • Fiberglass
  • Steel
  • Iron
  • Aluminum

For indoor conduits and metal-clad clad cables, steel gang boxes are ideal. When there are non-metallic sheathed cables, then the gang box can be made from plastic or fiberglass. For outdoor gang boxes, generally, iron or aluminum is used.


You will need a gang box to enclose the wiring connections. This protects them from any damage. It helps to mount the electrical device and secures the electric cable. Most importantly, it prevents any accidental contact with wires. Securing the live wires ensures protection against fires.

The 1 gang box would cover 1 switch or socket. Similarly, the 2 gang boxes would have 2 switches. If you have a 4 gang box, then it means the box has 4 sockets.

A modular gang box is meant for use with modular switches and sockets. The modular electrical gang box would house modular switches, dimmers, and outlets. They are lightweight in nature making them easy to work with. They are easy to install and durable. Their non-conducting material ensures safety.

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