Bath Tub Filler

Bathtub fillers, also known as tub spouts or faucets, are plumbing fittings that supply hot and cold water to the bathtub. Diverters are often equipped with knobs or a lever for regulating the water's temperature and flow.

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Artize Bath Tub Filler Cellini C...

Sale priceRs. 15,440.00

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Artize Bath Tub Filler Angelo AN...

Sale priceRs. 37,200.00

MRP Rs. 46,500.00

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Jaquar Bath Tub Filler CON-CHR-2...

Sale priceRs. 5,482.50

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Jaquar Bath Tub Filler Florentin...

Sale priceRs. 5,610.00

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Jaquar Bath Tub Filler Queen's Q...

Sale priceRs. 6,885.00

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Jaquar Bath Tub Filler Queen's Q...

Sale priceRs. 9,180.00

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Jaquar Bath Tub Filler Solo SOL-...

Sale priceRs. 5,652.50

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Parryware Bath Tub Filler T3960A1
Parryware Bath Tub Filler T3960A1

Sale priceRs. 12,240.00

MRP Rs. 16,320.00

About Bathtub filler

A tub filler is a larger style of faucet created especially for swiftly filling a bathtub. A quality tub filler can pour as much per minute as the water supply's restrictions will allow.

Bathtubs are frequently used in households. The bathroom's batharea is one of the first features people notice, so using a nice faucet and tub handles can help the space look more elegant.

Types Of Bathtub filler

The these main types of bathtub fillers are:

Floor-mount bathtub fillers

Freestanding or floor-mount bathtub fillers are fixed to the ground. Floor-mounted tub fillers typically have more of the fixture exposed, giving them a more dramatic appearance. Freestanding bathtubs are frequently coupled with floor-mounted bathtub fillers because they are typically located away from walls and don't have a deck.

Freestanding tub filler

Because freestanding tub fillers are connected to the plumbing through the floor rather than the wall, there is more design freedom. Regardless of whether the tub is positioned in the middle of the room or against a wall, these faucets will function.

In order to route the water supply lines to the tub's placement, freestanding tub fillers do need access to the bathroom's subfloor. Ask a professional if underfloor plumbing may be installed in your home, especially if the bathrooms were constructed on concrete slabs. In certain circumstances, a raised platform can offer room for the plumbing of a freestanding tub filler.

Wall-mount bathtub fillers

These mount to a wall, as the name suggests. The handles and spout can be treated in a variety of ways. Spouts, for instance, are frequently installed separately with the faucets placed above or to the sides of the spout. All-in-one units, on the other hand, are available and just need a single cutout to mount to the wall. Typically, bathtubs that are also mounted to the wall employ wall-mount tub fillers. However, certain wall-mounted bathtub fillers can be used with nearby freestanding bathtubs if placed against a wall, depending on the length of the spout.

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Materials Used In Bathtub filler

When it comes to durability, price, and design of the bathtub fillers, various metal treatments each have their own special advantages. Bathroom faucet bodies can be made of plastic, brass, steel, zinc, or any combination of these.

  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Zinc and Zinc Alloys
  • Plastic


Being Close to the Drain. The majority of tub fillers are mounted on the side of the tub closest to the drain. This could be at one of the tub's ends or right in the middle on a specific side. This guarantees little splashing and quick tub drainage.

Most bathtubs are between 22 and 28 inches height. About 6 inches above the tub should be where the tub filler's water spout exits. If you raise it any higher, water can splash inadvertently against the edge of the tub filler.