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Glass shower room is an integral part of the bathroom. It is used to serve the purpose of bathing. A shower can have many functionalities like temperature specific bathing, spray pressure and a stylish yet functional nozzle. With its functional benefits, a bathroom shower glass partition has become a need in every bathroom today.

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Kriztle Shower Room SC 202

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About Shower Room

There are many shower room options to choose from in the market. Shower rooms are aesthetically pleasing and a perfect fit for a modern bathroom. It saves you some space in the house as it is usually compact than usual bathroom sizes. A shower room is primarily designed for simple maintenance of the bathroom and for space limitations.

A shower room improves the safety of a bathroom by reducing the chances of slips and falls. Your shower room may benefit from grab bars for toilets if you want to increase bathroom safety, particularly if you have elderly relatives at home. Having a bathroom shower room can help save space since it is one of the most precious commodities in cities today. For more information on why shower enclosures are essential for future urban homes, click here.

Features & Benefits:

  • Readily available in standard sizes
  • Separates normal space with bath space
  • Made of tough safety glass & quality material
  • Variety of options for shower room
  • Just one installation for maintenance & design
  • Easily available at retail stores

Types of Shower rooms

You have plenty of options to choose from, depending on the architecture and size restrictions:

Quadrant shower room

It fits right into the corner of your bathroom or en suite. Cool and modern, its curved frontage is ideal for tight spaces.

Square shower room

Shower enclosures with square shapes offer a modern, stylish appearance. Door and frame options are more limited since the shape is a simple square without any curves or designs.

Rectangle shower room

Spacious option in shower room types. This is the enclosure to choose if space is not an issue in your bathroom.

Frameless shower room

A single glass panel pivots out into the shower room. Cleaning and maintaining glass is easy, especially if it has a baked-on finish that minimizes water spots. Minimalist design makes the space feel spacious and airy.

D-shaped shower room

Similar to quadrant, as it is compact and makes the most of the limited space. It has a flat wall with few or no corners.

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Types of Shower rooms

Construction: Shower rooms are mainly constructed on a base that is made up of concrete, timber or similar material floor.

Flooring: Floor tiles need to be anti-slippery and so stone tiles are mainly used as a tile solution. However, it varies based on the types of shower room and the preferences of consumers.

Tiling: Most of the walls in a shower rooms are also built with tiles. Ceramic, marble and limestone are some of the most used materials.

Glass screens: Its function is mainly to prevent other items from getting wet. But glass rooms make the entire installation stylish and add a touch of sophistication to the room.


Frosted glass is considered the best choice for shower doors. It adds to privacy and is aesthetically pleasing. In comparison to other shower doors, frosted glass is the most easy to clean without leaving any water spots of soap scum.

One of the best DIY solutions to clean glass of shower room is using vinegar. Prepare a solution of cleaning by adding vinegar and water in 1:1 ratio. You can then spray or pour the solution on the glass and wipe it using paper or any other wiping material.

Shower rooms come in different sizes and you can also construct a custom one as per your space limitations and needs. An average sized shower room is 1,500mm- 2,000mm in size.