Pedestal Basin

Pedestal wash basins come with a stand that covers the piping behind them, these are the most common yet classic types of basins.

You will find an extensive range of premium quality pedestal basins designs & types like rectangular pedestal basins, round pedestal basins, oval pedestal basins and more.

You can adjust the pricing (high to low, low to high), switch between different categories and brands and find the best selling products with the help of our filters.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 58 products
Save Rs. 462.00
Jaquar Pedestal Basin CNS-WHT-801

Sale priceRs. 2,618.00

MRP Rs. 3,080.00

Save Rs. 942.50
Parryware Pedestal Basin Flair W...

Sale priceRs. 2,827.50

MRP Rs. 3,770.00

Save Rs. 625.00
Parryware Full Pedestal New C030...

Sale priceRs. 1,875.00

MRP Rs. 2,500.00

Save Rs. 2,985.00
Parryware Pedestal Basin Petal C...

Sale priceRs. 8,955.00

MRP Rs. 11,940.00

Save Rs. 960.00
Kohler Pedestal Basin Brive Plus...

Sale priceRs. 2,880.00

MRP Rs. 3,840.00

Save Rs. 1,375.00
Kohler Pedestal Basin Brive Plus...

Sale priceRs. 4,125.00

MRP Rs. 5,500.00

Save Rs. 14,000.00
Aquant Pedestal Basin Zeus 9063-...

Sale priceRs. 56,000.00

MRP Rs. 70,000.00

Save Rs. 12,900.00
Aquant Pedestal Basin Caves 9060...

Sale priceRs. 51,600.00

MRP Rs. 64,500.00

Save Rs. 13,600.00
Aquant Pedestal Basin Asura 9054

Sale priceRs. 54,400.00

MRP Rs. 68,000.00

Save Rs. 12,800.00
Aquant Pedestal Basin Thumbu 905...

Sale priceRs. 51,200.00

MRP Rs. 64,000.00

Save Rs. 17,000.00
Aquant Pedestal Basin Konig 9057...

Sale priceRs. 68,000.00

MRP Rs. 85,000.00

Save Rs. 13,000.00
Aquant Pedestal Basin Sophia 9055

Sale priceRs. 52,000.00

MRP Rs. 65,000.00

Save Rs. 10,200.00
Aquant Pedestal Basin Nirvana 9051

Sale priceRs. 40,800.00

MRP Rs. 51,000.00

Save Rs. 432.00
Jaquar Pedestal Basin CNS-WHT-801

Sale priceRs. 2,448.00

MRP Rs. 2,880.00

Save Rs. 877.50
Jaquar Pedestal Basin FLS-WHT-5801

Sale priceRs. 4,972.50

MRP Rs. 5,850.00

Save Rs. 900.00
Jaquar Pedestal Basin OPS-WHT-15801

Sale priceRs. 5,100.00

MRP Rs. 6,000.00

Save Rs. 792.00
Jaquar Pedestal Basin SLS-WHT-6801

Sale priceRs. 4,488.00

MRP Rs. 5,280.00

Save Rs. 324.00
Jaquar Pedestal Basin FNS-WHT-40801

Sale priceRs. 6,151.00

MRP Rs. 6,475.00

Save Rs. 1,072.50
Parryware Pedestal Basin Niagara...

Sale priceRs. 3,217.50

MRP Rs. 4,290.00

Save Rs. 1,152.50
Parryware Pedestal Basin Sutlej ...

Sale priceRs. 3,457.50

MRP Rs. 4,610.00

Save Rs. 1,578.50
Parryware Pedestal Basin Sutlej ...

Sale priceRs. 4,735.50

MRP Rs. 6,314.00

Save Rs. 1,152.50
Parryware Pedestal Basin Sutlej ...

Sale priceRs. 3,457.50

MRP Rs. 4,610.00

Save Rs. 972.50
Parryware Pedestal Basin Glory W...

Sale priceRs. 2,917.50

MRP Rs. 3,890.00

Save Rs. 1,310.00
Parryware Pedestal Basin Zest White

Sale priceRs. 3,930.00

MRP Rs. 5,240.00

About Pedestal Wash Basin

You may have noticed one common thing in bathrooms in modern homes, hospitals, theatres, and shopping centres, “Modern Basins”.

Some of them are settled on the table, and some of them are standing. These standing basins are called pedestal wash basins.

The pedestal basin is the most expected style found in bathrooms and cloakrooms. Also, their brighter colours and standing positions are enough to make you fall in love with them. Pedestal basin designs cover the pipework with the bathroom pedestal sink to the walls and settle easily on the top.

Also, we can say that these basins are all-inclusive solutions for your bathroom needs and standing freely there. Our wash basin with pedestal offers readymade drill homes that help install the basin easily and on time.

We offer a variety of modern pedestal wash basins for your comfort and to meet your luxurious goals. So, once you install them, you can feel that you are on top of the world straight from your bathrooms.

Types of pedestal basin

A ceramic pedestal wash basin can be the simple, stylish, and best choice for your bathrooms if you overlook the other designs. Pedestal basin comes in a

Rectangular pedestal basin

The rectangular one is the most preferred pedestal basin when it comes to the pedestal basin. You can easily wash your face without any issues as you have enough space. Also, the standing position makes it more stable than any other pedestal style basin. So, if you want a simple and large space pedestal basin, you can choose this one.

Round pedestal basin

If you want more style for your bathroom, you can go with a round-shaped pedestal basin. Although it is standing straight, the round look of the basin makes it more attractive and provides an elegant look to your bathroom.

Oval pedestal basin

The more you see, the more you are confused. This term perfectly fits when you look at an oval-shaped pedestal basin. These are perfect for your bathroom to give a five-star hotel-like feel. You can be anything; you can’t ignore the beauty of bright colour, stylish shape, and stunning finishing. All these things are making it demandable.

U-Shaped pedestal basin

First, you can’t ignore the above shapes for the pedestal basin. Still, if you ignore them, a U-Shaped pedestal basin is another best option you can choose for your comfort. With full of comfort and lush feeling, this can make your bathroom adorable.


Although you will get a variety of pedestal basins, the most common shapes are rectangular and round. The oval and u-shaped basins are used specifically. However, you will find a lot of variety on Shankara Buildpro and can choose your favourite design from the lot.