Cladding Tile

Cladding tiles are a great option to consider if you are looking for tiles that are not only strong and durable but are also high-end in terms of appearance. You can install exterior wall cladding tiles in your house.

You can get a wide range of cladding tiles from us. This includes cladding tiles for interior walls and outdoor wall cladding tiles.

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About Cladding Tile

A cladding tile is made from vitrified or ceramic material. These tiles are usually used on the exterior of a building. They improve the aesthetic appearance of the building making it look as though the building is constructed using a decorative material.

When you buy from us, you can get the best quality cladding tiles at the best price. We offer tiles of different sizes, colors, and design patterns.

Make the walls of your building look all the more beautiful by installing the best branded classing tiles on them.

Types of Cladding Tiles

You can get different types of cladding tiles from us. Some of the different tile types are:

Indoor cladding tiles

Exterior cladding tiles

Wall cladding tiles

Materials Used in Cladding tiles

It can be manufactured using different types of materials like

  • Bricks
  • Clay
  • Stone
  • Ceramic


Cladding refers to the application of one material over another material. This helps to create a layer. Cladding is used in tiles to add a layer of tiles to a wall or other surface. This helps in improving the appearance of the building. It also helps to offer weather resistance.

Cladding tiles improve the appearance of the building. Installing it on the walls enhances the building's appearance. Cladding tiles also offer a second layer of protection for the wall. It helps to protect the structure from rain, heat, and other elements of the weather.

When you buy cladding tiles, you need to consider certain factors:

  • Look for cladding tiles made from ceramic or vitrified materials since they are durable. They would last long and using the tiles would be a trouble-free experience.
  • Once you spend money to install these tiles, they need to last long and not get damaged. This ensures you don’t have to repair or change the tiles. To ensure this, choose branded tiles.
  • Choose from among the various colors and designs available and match them with the décor of your house.

ShankaraBuildPro offers the best quality cladding tiles. When you buy from BuildPro, you are assured of getting the best price. We deal with all the top brands which include:

  • Somany
  • Kajaria
  • Nitco
  • Orient Bell