Picture Light

If you have a work of art or a classy picture displayed on your wall, then you will want to highlight it. Picture lights are lighting solutions that help you make your pictures and collections stand out.

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Picture Light

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About Picture light

You encounter good-quality picture lights in art galleries and museums that can be used in your homes as well, so your beautiful photos, painting, and other works of art are illuminated in the best possible way.

The picture light focuses on the picture or work of art from above. The light would have a pivoting head, so you can adjust it to your desired angle. Some types of picture lights can be directly mounted on the frame. They can even be fixed to bookcases in your library.

Types of picture lights

There are mainly two types of picture lights, they are:

  • Frame-mounted picture lights
  • Wall-mounted picture lights

Wall-mounted picture lights are fixed to the wall, whereas frame-mounted picture lights are directly fixed to the picture frame. This gives you the flexibility of moving the picture to any other place.

Materials used in picture lights

The picture light can be made from different materials. It can be made from brass or from nickel. It can also be made from mild steel and aluminum. Silver and gold steel are the other material types used to make picture lights.


A general guide to follow is to choose a picture light that is half the width of the frame on which the picture is mounted. If the picture frame is 20 inches in width, choose a light 10 inches wide. When you large frames more than 30 inches, you can choose the light with a two-third length (20 inches) for the best effect.

A hard-wired picture light is meant for those pictures that are permanently fixed. They can also be used for bookcases that are fixed. They can even serve as reading lamps above your bed. Plug-in lights can be moved from one location to another. The light would come with a cord that can be connected to the plug point.

Some of the best picture light brands are: