Cover Plates

Cover plates or electrical wall plates cover the switches and outlets in your home. This ensures the wires are not seen and people don’t come in contact with the wires.

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Cover Plates

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About Cover plate

A cover plate or a switch plate is a plate that fits over the outlets and switches. They are part of the switchboard. Without this plate, the wires would be exposed, which is risky. Children can put their fingers inside and risk getting a shock.

The cover plate can come in different designs, so they are aesthetically pleasing. These plates can be used with switches, outlets, phone jacks, or USB jacks.

Types of cover plates

There are different types of switch plate covers. Some of these types include:

  • Single plates
  • Duplex outlet plates
  • Toggle light plates
  • Coax plates
  • Phone jack plates
  • Push-button plate
  • Combination plate
  • Blank plates

Materials used in cover plates

The cover plate is made entirely from plastic. Thermosetting plastic is used to make cover plates. This is to ensure the plates do not conduct electricity. The plastic used is also heat-resistant and is less likely to catch fire. These plastic are also durable and last long.


Some of the top brands that manufacture cover plates include:

Buying from the best brands is recommended since it is an assurance of quality and durability.

Cover plates are usually electric wall plates that cover outlets and wiring on the walls. A ceiling cover plate is used on the ceiling to cover wires. It is typically used in two cases:

  • To install a ceiling light, hanging light, or a chandelier.
  • For installing a ceiling fan

The plate covers the opening in the ceiling, which has the wiring. The wire is drawn through the plate from where it is connected to the light or fan.

A blank wall plate or blank cover plate is a closed plate with no openings in it. It is used to conceal wiring. When you have wiring that you have for future use, you can use a blank plate to hide it.

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