Plugs & Adaptors

A plug adaptor is a device that allows devices to be connected to a socket of different types. This is helpful for example when you want to connect a 3-pin device to a 2-pin socket.

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Plugs & Adaptors

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About Plug Adaptor

Each country has its own power settings and socket standards. The plug that works in India may not work in the US because of the different socket settings. You will need an adaptor, so your plug would fit in the socket.

There are plug adaptors that even have USB connectors. Apart from its use in travel, plug adaptors can be used even for local requirements. If you have a 3-pin plug, but the socket has 2 pins, you can use an adaptor to connect it.

Types of plug adaptors

Since plug adaptors are used to connect different types of plugs to sockets, the types depend on the socket pin. There are three types of adaptors here:

  • 2 pin multi-plug adaptor
  • 3 pin multi-plug adaptor
  • 2 pin to 2 pin plug adaptor
  • Car adaptor to plug socket

Materials used in plug adaptors

There are mainly two materials that are used to make plug adaptors:

  • Plastic
  • Brass

Plastic is the material used for the casing. It is also used for the inner structure of the adaptor. The plastic is blended with polymers to make it heat resistant. The inner connectors in the plug are made from brass, so it allows electricity to flow from the socket to the adaptor and to the plug.


A plug adaptor helps you change the shape of your plug. When your plug has a pin that cannot connect to the socket, you can use a plug adaptor. For example, a 3-pin to 2 pin connection can be made by using a 3-pin plug adaptor.

A plug adaptor helps you connect the plug of your device to any type of socket. It is a small and lightweight device that you can even take with you while traveling. Plug adaptors don’t change the voltage, they only help you connect the plug to the socket.

You can use a car adaptor to plug a socket to operate a device or charge it. The adaptor would draw power from the car’s battery for this.

The best plug adaptor brands in the market are:

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