Commercial Light

A proper commercial lighting system, like an industrial or residential lighting system, is something that can't be ignored. The absence of adequate lighting in a building can create a hazardous working environment for employees and guests. You've come to the right place if your building could benefit from replacing old lighting fixtures with new commercial lighting solutions.

You can explore a wide range of commercial lights including downlighters, track lights and many more at the best prices. With the help of the filters on our website, you can change the brands, categories, and price range (low to high, high to low).

Lighting concepts that are professionally designed are the basis for optimum coordination of dynamic lighting parameters and ultimately maximizing human-centric lighting benefits. Lights must be customized according to the needs of both the space and the people who work there.

Commercial Light

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About Commercial Light

There are two types of commercial lighting: Indoor and outdoor. We have a vast array of commercial lights to suit your needs. Indoor downlights for instance are a perfect way to light up a room without any obtrusive fixtures. They are also energy efficient which helps in reducing the electricity consumption by around 20 to 30%.

Outdoor lights mainly consist of bollard for gardens and projector lights for concerts or big outdoor events. When it comes to outdoor decorative lighting or garden lights, bollard lights provide optimum lighting and are the perfect way to ensure your safety. With the right amount of outdoor lighting, it enhances the atmosphere of the place while ensuring night security. They also can be used for commercial garage lighting.

Types of Commercial Lighting

There are two types of commercial lighting available.


  • LED downlights
  • Ceiling downlights
  • Outdoor downlights
  • Wall downlights
  • Smart downlights
  • Surface downlight

Track lights

Bedroom track lighting

Kitchen track lighting

Track lighting living room

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Materials used in Commercial Lighting

Downlights are made from different types of materials. Some of the raw materials used include: Stainless steel, Aluminum and Die-cast aluminum, etc. Track lighting is made using the following materials: Stainless steel, Bronze and Synthetic materials, etc.


Commercial lighting is used in offices, stores, universities, hospitals and government buildings, which are not industrial, manufacturing or residential spaces. Business leaders around the globe use commercial lighting fixtures indoors and outdoors for a variety of purposes.

LED lights may seem more expensive at first, but they are definitely worth the investment since they consume significantly less energy and last longer than other outdoor lighting fixtures. However, Bollard lights are a better choice for outdoor garden lighting. Whether you want to highlight the foliage with backyard lights, install ground burial lights that light up your space, or bollard lights to create a visible direction outdoors for safety.

LED downlights offer a balance between efficiency (watts) and brightness (lumens). Select LED downlights that are fitted with aluminum reflector lamps to ensure fire and excessive heat are kept out of cavities.

Track lighting has many applications and it's best to understand your needs before investing in a lighting solution. Determine if the fixtures are consonant with the track system in place. Fixtures which might be set up to light up paintings are typically one-of-a-kind from mild furnishings used for preferred lighting.