Chandeliers are ornate décor items that brighten up your living room adding color and luster to it. The light they emit creates a unique effect in the room.

We offer a range of chandelier lights from LED chandeliers to ceiling chandeliers, and living room chandeliers to bedroom chandeliers.

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About Chandelier

Chandeliers, also known as candelabra lamps are ornamental lights that are usually fixed on the ceiling, or sometimes on the wall. The chandelier design is decorative and is used as an interior décor element.

Chandelier lights come in different types and illuminate the room brightly. Modern chandelier lights use LED lights that are energy-efficient. A chandelier in your home helps to focus light on the furnishings in the room and on the people. It helps a room look its best.

Types of Chandeliers

Chandeliers come in different types. The types of chandeliers are based on the place where they are used. While traditionally, chandeliers are used in the living room you can now get chandeliers for all rooms of your house. The types of chandeliers you can buy are:

  • Chandelier lights for living room
  • Chandelier for bedroom
  • Small chandelier

Dining Room Chandelier

  • Dining table chandelier
  • Handing chandelier
  • Antique chandelier
  • Chandelier lamp 

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Materials used in Chandelier

Traditionally chandeliers have been made from glass. The glass chandeliers reflect the light creating unique lighting effects in the chamber where they are kept. There are other materials also used in the making of chandeliers. These include:

  • Crystal
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Wrought iron
  • Acrylicn


The word chandelier is derived from a French word that means ‘glisten’. The glistening light from the chandeliers is why it has been so named. Chandeliers were early used only in palaces but have today become commonplace.

No, chandeliers are not out of style! Chandeliers are popular even today, thanks to modern chandelier designs that are available. These modern chandeliers are designed attractively and blend with the interior décor of modern homes. They come in different sizes, making them suitable even for small rooms. Chandeliers can be placed even in the bedroom and dining room. This variety has ensured chandeliers remain popular even today.

LED chandeliers are modern chandeliers that are perfect for today’s home. They add to the appearance of the room while providing ambient lighting. Most importantly, LED lights are energy-efficient and can reduce your electricity bills. They also have a longer life when compared to traditional bulbs.

The chandelier should ideally be in the center of the room to create the best impact. Ensure the chandelier is at the right height, so people don’t bump into it. You can even hang the chandelier over the dining table but ensure its width is lesser than the table, else people may bump into it while getting up.