A socket is something into which you can plug anything. For example, an electric socket is a powerpoint into which you can plug a device.

Explore different types of sockets like 3-pin sockets, multi-plug sockets, USB sockets, 5-pin sockets, and switch sockets.

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About Socket

You need sockets for your home for electrical devices to work. The socket would be installed on the wall and would have wiring that connects it to the electrical mains. Once you install the socket, you can connect electrical equipment to it.

USB sockets are useful to connect a USB device. The socket can be installed on the wall and you can directly plug-in devices using USB cables. A USB outlet can be helpful to charge devices faster.

Types of sockets

The different types of sockets that are available include:

  • 3 pin socket
  • 5 pin socket
  • 16 amp socket
  • 15 amp socket
  • Plug socket
  • USB socket

Materials used in sockets

Sockets are mostly made from polymers. These are compression molded polymers. Urea-formaldehyde is a polymer that is thermosetting in nature and is used to make sockets. The reason for using polymers is that it is an excellent electric insulator and prevents shocks. It is also heat resistant and has a hard finish.


A socket or wall socket is a receptacle into which you can plug in a device using a cable or wire. Sockets are used to connect electrical devices, as well as USB cables.

A socket is essential when you want to supply electricity to a device or equipment. The socket would have wiring that connects to the electrical mains. The socket is a female connector. The male plug is connected to it. Once the socket switch is on, electricity will flow from the socket to the device.

2 pin sockets offer an ungrounded connection with two long connection slots. 3 pin sockets have a ground pin to prevent electric shock. 5 pin sockets are a combination of 2 and 3 pin sockets.

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