Basin with cabinets allows you to store toiletries keeping the area look clean and minimalist but it needs to be of good quality as it gets exposed to high humidity and occasional water splashes.
Explore our premium collection of wash basin cabinets and add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.
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Save Rs. 5,202.00
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 7043A
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 7043A

Sale priceRs. 29,483.00

MRP Rs. 34,685.00

Save Rs. 2,380.00
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 1001
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 1001

Sale priceRs. 13,490.00

MRP Rs. 15,870.00

Save Rs. 5,601.00
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 7076
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 7076

Sale priceRs. 31,739.00

MRP Rs. 37,340.00

Save Rs. 3,448.00
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 1005
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 1005

Sale priceRs. 19,542.00

MRP Rs. 22,990.00

Save Rs. 2,847.00
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 1002
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 1002

Sale priceRs. 16,133.00

MRP Rs. 18,980.00

Save Rs. 5,539.00
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 7072
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 7072

Sale priceRs. 31,391.00

MRP Rs. 36,930.00

Save Rs. 5,362.00
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 7071
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 7071

Sale priceRs. 30,388.00

MRP Rs. 35,750.00

Save Rs. 11,857.00
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 9065
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 9065

Sale priceRs. 67,193.00

MRP Rs. 79,050.00

Save Rs. 6,411.00
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 7044A
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 7044A

Sale priceRs. 36,334.00

MRP Rs. 42,745.00

Save Rs. 5,984.00
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 6021
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 6021

Sale priceRs. 33,911.00

MRP Rs. 39,895.00

Save Rs. 6,300.00
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 7053
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 7053

Sale priceRs. 35,700.00

MRP Rs. 42,000.00

Save Rs. 9,000.00
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 9055
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 9055

Sale priceRs. 51,000.00

MRP Rs. 60,000.00

Save Rs. 5,317.00
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 7068
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 7068

Sale priceRs. 30,133.00

MRP Rs. 35,450.00

Save Rs. 5,887.00
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 7056
Kriztle Cabinet LCWC 7056

Sale priceRs. 33,363.00

MRP Rs. 39,250.00

About Cabinet

Most bathrooms are known to accommodate a Wash Basin cabinet for the storage of linens and toiletries. Bathroom cabinets provide additional storage and are placed above or below sinks.

Cabinets need to be sturdy and durable as they are subjected to regular water splashes, steam, and dripping lotions. Bathroom cabinets are installed as standalone wall-mounted units or floor cabinets.

Recent technological additions have been to bathroom cabinets like mirror lighting controlled by Bluetooth, mood lighting, and anti-fog technology.

The average price of cabinets ranges from Rs 20,000 to Rs 1,50,000 depending on materials, type, quality, and finishing.

Shankara Buildpro offers a wide-ranging and affordable basin with cabinets in all materials, finishes, and types.

For hassle-free maintenance, it is essential to choose the right base material, finish, and countertop material for any washbasin unit.

Types of Cabinets

There are mainly four types of bathroom sink cabinets which are.

Basic Wood Cabinets

These are basic wooden cabinets with storage spaces to accommodate essential commodities.

Modular Cabinets

These offer a modern Wash Basin cabinet design, which is sleek, minimal, and stylish. Ideal for bathrooms with small space.

Ceiling High Cabinets

These are wall-mounted cabinets to optimize space.

Mirrored Cabinets

These cabinets have mirrors as doors. Serves dual-purpose with mirrors and storage. Ideal for people who desire Wash Basin with cabinets and mirrors.

Metal Cabinets

The cabinets have a metal finish and are resistant to moisture and humidity.

Materials Used in Cabinets

Bathrooms are subject to frequent splashes of water and other liquids. Hence, the Wash Basin cupboard must be made of moisture-resistant materials. Avoid MDF or wood veneers in the bathroom wash basin cabinet.

  • Laminate
  • Glass shutters
  • PVC
  • Certain wood finishes.
  • Metallic finish


Since the bathroom is a moisture-laden area, the best criteria for choosing the cabinets would be the materials should be resistant to moisture and humidity. Additionally, the cabinets should be strong and durable to manage the weight of counter-top materials like stone, quartz, or granite. Thus, one should choose moisture-resistant, durable, and sturdy bathroom cabinets for storage and other uses.

There are a variety of cabinets available with different materials and finishes. Laminates, glass shutters, PVC, and wooden or metallic finishes are types of cabinets available in the market. Shankara Buildpro offers a wide collection of these cabinets across different finishes and materials at reasonable prices.