Pole Top Light

Streets, squares and all types of outdoor roads require light for illuminating the pathway during night time. Pole-top lights serve as a medium of light to brighten the roads. These lights are ideal for roads because of their height and structure. An entire road is illuminated when a collection of pole-lights are planted across one side or in the middle of the road. You can also use pole lights in other unique settings like in the gardens or outside your property or bungalow.

Pole-lights not only illuminate the streets but also act as a safety guard to protect everyone from mishappenings and accidents. If you require lights for your garden space, commercial office space, dark neighborhood or for the main street, then pole-lights are a perfect addition.

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Pole Top Light

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About Pole top lights

Street lights are made with main focus on providing the best illumination across the entire space. Each pole-light is constructed in such a way that the area gets full exposure of light without any space being dark or not under the radar of the light source.

Each pole light has an area defined, which is the space it is capable of brightening or illuminating properly. There are many functions of pole lights apart from street illumination. You can incorporate a perfect pair of pole lights to decorate your private space or public outdoor entrance.

If you need pole-lights for commercial purposes you must check the weather reports of the site where you want to install the lights. It is important to check the wind speeds, storms data, and other extreme conditions.

Types of Pole Top Lights

Cement light pole:

Cement pole lights have a heavy weight and are mostly used in China. Transport costs are higher, and they are more dangerous in comparison. There has been a gradual shift away from these types of street light poles on the market.

Wood light pole:

Early on,wood street lights were the only way of illuminating the streets as there was no technology to create better pole lightings. Certain settings still prefer using wood pole lights for their properties and availability in certain local regions.

Stainless steel light pole:

Stainless steel light poles are among the most chemically and electrochemically resistant. Products galvanized with hot-dip techniques can have a 15-year product life. This technique is a galvanizing method used to prolong the life of the steel light poles.

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Materials used in Pole Top Lights

The materials used to make LED pole lights are mostly stainless steel, cement, and wood, etc. Most of the pole lights are made up of stainless steel. However, there are non-heavy pole lights that are made up of lighter elements. Some of the pole lights are also made up of aluminum which gives the product a strong and sturdy exterior.


The average cost of a pole light ranges from INR 4000- 10000. Apart from the product costs, there are installation and transportation costs too. Pole lights are available in different types with a wide range of features and so the price can vary depending on the type of pole light you choose.

The average life of a pole light or street light is 50 years. However, it can change depending on the usage, maintenance practices and the quality of the product.

To create a warm ambience along with the perfect night illuminance, you must choose a color temperature between 3000-4000k.