Loft Tank

The small scale requirement of water storage for domestic use is ideally fulfilled with loft tanks. Loft tank is a small tank that is preferable for areas where the storage space is horizontally greater as loft tanks are flat shaped storage tanks that do not require vertical heighted spaces to store.

You can explore a wide range of lof tanks based on their material, shape, size and features.

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Loft Tank

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About Overhead Water Tank

The prime reason why loft tanks are at the mainstay of water storage in apartments is because of the limited space that is available. A loft tank easily fits into the ceiling space or inside area of a compartment and does not disturb the aesthetic appeal of the home.

The inner layer of a loft tank is made of A+ food grade material which protects the water inside while being completely free of chemicals. The rigid exterior of the loft tank is built in such a way that the overall durability is increased.

Loft tank comes in multiple ranges for diverse domestic storage applications. With a Loft tank 1000 ltr(liter) storage, a small scale business can easily store sufficient water for regular supply. If you need a loft tank in the bathroom, then a tank that has 100-500 ltr capacity is ideal. However, it is best to estimate the water storage requirements before investing in a tank to make an accurate buying decision.

When it comes to the selection of storage space for the loft tank, do not select a wooden or iron base as wood tends to be uneven most of the times and iron leads to corrosion when in contact with water. A space that is compact and doesn’t leave any space between the ceiling and the tank is strictly not recommended as this inhibits easy handling and cleaning.

Types of Loft Tanks

Types based on material

  • Plastic
  • PVC
  • FRP
  • PE

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Materials used in Loft Tanks

As mentioned above, loft tanks are mainly manufactured in six materials namely- Linear Low-Density Polyethylene(LLDPE), High-Density Polyethylene(HDPE), Polyvinyl chloride(PVC), Free Residual Chlorine(FRC) and Polyethylene(PE).


Header tanks are commonly called loft tanks and these are vertically constructed unlike overhead tanks which are round and often occupy more space than loft tanks. If you need a tank for domestic purposes then loft tanks might be better as they occupy less space and are made up of A+ food grade material.

The main function of loft tanks is to store water for drinking, bathing and washing purposes. To offer a safe and secure storage solution, the inner layer of loft tanks is made up of A+ food grade material and are clinically tested.