Kohler is synonymous with luxurious bathroom fixtures and sanitary ware in India & is well known for its premium design products. If you want to add a sophisticated look to your bathroom, Kohler is a great option.

You can explore a wide range of Kohler products such as a Kohler commode , Kohler wash basin , Kohler tap , Kohler bath faucets, Kohler mixers, Kohler shower and many more at the best price. 

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Showing 1 - 24 of 317 products
Save Rs. 6,375.00
Kohler Table Top Mica K-90011T-0
Kohler Table Top Mica K-90011T-0

Sale priceRs. 19,125.00

MRP Rs. 25,500.00

Save Rs. 1,010.00
Kohler Spout Aleo K-99061IN-CP
Kohler Spout Aleo K-99061IN-CP

Sale priceRs. 3,030.00

MRP Rs. 4,040.00

Save Rs. 927.50
Kohler Health Faucet Complementa...

Sale priceRs. 2,782.50

MRP Rs. 3,710.00

Save Rs. 1,707.50
Kohler Divertor Aleo K-72290IN-4...

Sale priceRs. 5,122.50

MRP Rs. 6,830.00

Save Rs. 331.25
Kohler Towel Rail Complementary ...

Sale priceRs. 993.75

MRP Rs. 1,325.00

Save Rs. 2,150.00
Kohler OverHead Shower K-73198IN-CP

Sale priceRs. 6,450.00

MRP Rs. 8,600.00

Save Rs. 2,375.00
Kohler Counter Basin Ladena K-22...

Sale priceRs. 7,125.00

MRP Rs. 9,500.00

Save Rs. 555.00
Kohler Health Faucet Complementa...

Sale priceRs. 1,665.00

MRP Rs. 2,220.00

Save Rs. 970.00
Kohler Divertor July K-16316IN-4-AF

Sale priceRs. 2,910.00

MRP Rs. 3,880.00

Save Rs. 4,182.50
Kohler Wall Hung Struktura K-XH1...

Sale priceRs. 12,547.50

MRP Rs. 16,730.00

Save Rs. 4,000.00
Kohler Table Top Forefront K-266...

Sale priceRs. 12,000.00

MRP Rs. 16,000.00

Save Rs. 2,572.50
Kohler Table Top Chord Wading Po...

Sale priceRs. 7,717.50

MRP Rs. 10,290.00

Save Rs. 867.50
Kohler Complementary Bath Spout ...

Sale priceRs. 2,602.50

MRP Rs. 3,470.00

Kohler Soap Dish Complementary K...
Rs. 910.00
Save Rs. 4,952.50
Kohler Kumin Touchless Sensor Ta...

Sale priceRs. 14,857.50

MRP Rs. 19,810.00

Save Rs. 2,400.00
Kohler Sink Mixer Cuff K-37316IN...

Sale priceRs. 7,200.00

MRP Rs. 9,600.00

Save Rs. 1,390.00
Kohler Sink Cock Cuff K-37313IN-...

Sale priceRs. 4,170.00

MRP Rs. 5,560.00

Kohler Waste Coupling Complement...
Rs. 750.00
Save Rs. 472.50
Kohler Bottle Trap Complementary...

Sale priceRs. 1,417.50

MRP Rs. 1,890.00

Save Rs. 2,087.50
Kohler Wall Mixer July K-98754IN...

Sale priceRs. 6,262.50

MRP Rs. 8,350.00

Save Rs. 2,152.50
Kohler Shower Set Toobi K-75457I...

Sale priceRs. 6,457.50

MRP Rs. 8,610.00

Save Rs. 1,390.00
Kohler Hand Shower EO K-98445IN-CP

Sale priceRs. 4,170.00

MRP Rs. 5,560.00

Save Rs. 1,000.00
Kohler Divertor July K-16316IN-4...

Sale priceRs. 3,000.00

MRP Rs. 4,000.00

Save Rs. 2,385.00
Kohler Closet Patio P-210MM K-18...

Sale priceRs. 7,155.00

MRP Rs. 9,540.00

About Kohler

Kohler is a luxury brand in the bathroom fitting and sanitary segment in India, popular for its unique and aesthetic product design. It is an American company that was founded in 1837 by John Michael Kohler.

It set its foot on Indian soil in the year 2006 in New Delhi. Since its introduction, it has shaken the bathroom accessories market by providing exclusive products continuously over the years and has gained quite a popularity and trust.

Kohler products are inclined more toward the luxury segment and they invest a lot of their time in R&D.In 2021 Kohler was awarded the “Top Innovators” title.

Kohler Products

It boasts a wide range of products which includes:

and many more bathroom products which you can find in the catalogue.

Kohler’s tabletop washbasins, sensor taps and rain showers are the most in-demand products.

Kohler Catalogue

Health Faucet


Wall Mixer

Sink Mixer

Angle Cock

Wall Mounted Commode

Hand shower

Washbasin with cabinet



Kohler is not a fully high-end brand but its price range lies somewhere in between the medium-high end category. Although a few of its products are slightly inclined towards the high end but considering its quality this is justifiable.

Kohler is an American company that has been in the bathroom fixture and sanitary business for over a hundred years. It was introduced in the Indian market in 2006 and now has a manufacturing plant in Jhagadia (Gujrat), India and its business headquarter is based in Gurgaon. Kohler is not an Indian brand as assumed by many.

Undoubtedly, Kohler is a great brand which has been awarded many titles like “Best Quality” and “Most used”. It was started in the year 1837 by John Kohler and is still in business because of its quality products.

Shankara Building Products is amongst the biggest dealers of Kohler in India and has been serving customers for the last 25 years in the sanitaryware segment. We have a wide collection of Kohler products for you to choose from. We take proper measures before delivering any product to serve you with a smooth online shopping experience.

Our physical stores are spread across the following cities in India: Karnataka, Chennai, Kerala, Goa, Hyderabad, and Andhra Pradesh which you can visit for an offline purchase.