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Sintex founded in 1931 are one of the largest manufacturers of Water Tanks. Today, any building structure requires Water tanks to store water and Sintex has been a synonym for water tanks. Sintex has dominated the industry with a wide variety of products. Water Tanks, Loft Tanks, Underground Water Tanks etc. Products to cater to all requirements with all sorts of capacities. Water tanks are available in various colours to choose from. Each colour has its own significance and applications. Colours include Black which is the most common tank which we see on every building structure. Then there is White, Green, Yellow, Blue etc. Each of the water tank has multiple layers to protect the water from sun rays and bacteria. Some of them find applications in underground for sewage treatment and some for rain water harvesting. Shankara Buildpro are one of the largest distributors for Sintex Water Tanks. The tanks are abundantly available at our warehouse situated in Jigani. We cater to all store in Bangalore, Karnataka and other states. We receive a lot of orders on a daily basis and we are happy to fulfill all of them in time. You can also shop online at