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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 products
Save Rs. 4,950.00
Jaquar Shower Panel JPL-BLK-G084...
Jaquar Shower Panel JPL-BLK-G0842JAX

Sale priceRs. 28,050.00

MRP Rs. 33,000.00

Save Rs. 6,000.00
Jaquar Shower Panel JPL-WHT-ST86113
Jaquar Shower Panel JPL-WHT-ST86113

Sale priceRs. 34,000.00

MRP Rs. 40,000.00

Save Rs. 10,400.00
Aquant Shower Panel Allure 1208

Sale priceRs. 41,600.00

MRP Rs. 52,000.00

Save Rs. 14,000.00
Aquant Shower Panel Oculto 1255

Sale priceRs. 56,000.00

MRP Rs. 70,000.00

Save Rs. 12,400.00
Aquant Shower Panel Divine 1245

Sale priceRs. 49,600.00

MRP Rs. 62,000.00

Save Rs. 6,400.00
Aquant Shower Panel Retro 1257

Sale priceRs. 25,600.00

MRP Rs. 32,000.00

Save Rs. 11,600.00
Aquant Shower Panel Eden 1256

Sale priceRs. 46,400.00

MRP Rs. 58,000.00

Save Rs. 7,742.50
Parryware Shower Panel C841U99

Sale priceRs. 23,227.50

MRP Rs. 30,970.00

Save Rs. 3,872.50
Parryware Shower Panel C847G99

Sale priceRs. 11,617.50

MRP Rs. 15,490.00

Save Rs. 5,100.00
Jaquar Shower Panel JPL-WHT-G084...
Jaquar Shower Panel JPL-WHT-G0843JAX

Sale priceRs. 28,900.00

MRP Rs. 34,000.00

Save Rs. 6,000.00
Jaquar Shower Panel JPL-SSF-ST88...
Jaquar Shower Panel JPL-SSF-ST88158B

Sale priceRs. 34,000.00

MRP Rs. 40,000.00

Save Rs. 6,600.00
Jaquar Shower Panel JPL-BLK-JA011
Jaquar Shower Panel JPL-BLK-JA011

Sale priceRs. 37,400.00

MRP Rs. 44,000.00

Save Rs. 5,850.00
Jaquar Shower Panel JPL-CHR-ST8896
Jaquar Shower Panel JPL-CHR-ST8896

Sale priceRs. 33,150.00

MRP Rs. 39,000.00

Save Rs. 6,000.00
Jaquar Shower Panel JPL-BLK-ST86112
Jaquar Shower Panel JPL-BLK-ST86112

Sale priceRs. 34,000.00

MRP Rs. 40,000.00

Shower Panel

A shower panel is a jewel of a bathroom, giving us a heavenly feeling after an exhausting day. However, finding modern shower panels at a cheap cost is a hectic job. But not anymore!

Shankara Buildpro believes in the following trend, keeping the people’s budget in mind. You will find the best shower panels in India from popular brands here. So, as per your budget and choice, you can find the perfect bathroom match.

Types of Shower Panels


There are mainly three types of Shower Panels available in the market. 

PVC Shower Wall Panels


People looking for a cheap shower panel can go with PVC. To your surprise, PVS ranks 3rd in terms of synthetic plastic. It is not only cheap but also flexible enough, making it perfect. 

Also, compared to acrylic or MDF, PVC sheets are lighter as it has a vertical cuboid type construction, and the core does not have a solid mass.

PVC Shower Wall Panels look great in both commercial and residential environments.

Acrylic Wet Wall Panels


In the category of a wall-mounted shower panel, Acrylic wins the race, and comes in the slimmest bunch, like 4-5 mm. However, don’t judge a book by its cover. Acrylic Wet Wall Panels look slimmer but actually are heavier than the PVC panels.

The best thing about these panels is they come in bold colors and are semi-transparent. Along with this, they possess the best features of PVC, long-lasting and hygienic.

These are a little expensive but worth the price, a perfect blend of all the features. However, those who check the shower panel price in the first place will find it expensive.


Laminated MDF Constructed Bathroom Wall Panels

Are you one of those who are looking for the latest shower panels? You cannot overlook MDF Constructed Bathroom Wall Panels. These are the heaviest, thickest, and best Shower Panels. 

What makes it so special? It is laminated on both sides, making it a completely waterproof panel.

It comes in a plethora of designs, including classic marble, modern design patterns, etc. If you want something unique and customized design just for you, you can ask for the same.


Materials used in a Shower Panel


Presently, Modern Shower Panels include the below materials to make shower panels durable and attractive.

  • Glass tiles
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Fiberglass
  • Acrylic
  • Natural stone

Frequently Asked Questions by Customers

1. Which shower panel brand is best in India?

Shower panel brands in India are

2. Where to buy a shower panel?

Shankara Buildpro is the best place to buy Shower Panels. Here you will find countless design options for shower panels from the top brands at the best price.