Tiles play an important role in deciding the home decor, this is why you should always buy eye-pleasing tiles of premium quality. 
Nitco is one such brand that offers a wide range of quality tiles including Nitco vitrified tiles, Nitco mosaic tiles, Nitco ceramic tiles & Nitco natural stone tiles and more. 
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About Nitco

Nitco is one of the most well-known brands, offering a wide range of products for all three surface segments which are tiles, mosaic and marbles but is largely known for its tiles.

This brand came into existence in 1953 in the ever-growing city of Mumbai and goes by the motto of providing the best quality products and even greater customer service. It has expanded to over 40 countries around the globe.

Two places where tiles are mainly applied are Floor & Wall.

Tiles of good quality and design can enhance the appearance of the floor or wall on which they are installed & are not just meant for bathrooms or kitchens anymore, with a wide range of design options they can be applied in any part of a house or office.

Nitco tiles are easy to clean and provide an elegant touch to the place.

Nitco offers you tiles for the following spaces:

  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Outdoor/ Parking tiles

Tiles are a sure shot way to add a classic touch to any part of the house.

Nitco Products

These are the types of tiles offered by Nitco:

Nitco Tiles Catalogue

Floor tiles

Interlocking Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

Cladding Tiles

Paving Tiles

Wall Tiles

Checkered Tiles

Kitchen Tiles

Polished Tiles


Nitco is considered among the top brands in India & worldwide for Tiles. Nitco has kept a laser focus on surface segments only; this is one of the reasons it has been able to provide quality products over the years and has earned customers' trust around the globe.

Here is a list of the top competitors of Nitco:

Nitco offers one of the best quality tiles in India that you can get. They have a diverse range of designs and types of tiles that you can choose from.

Yes, Nitco is an Indian brand that started its journey in 1953 in Mumbai City of India. And has now become one of the top brands in the tiles segment and also exported its product to over 40 countries.

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