Carysil is a renowned brand for kitchen appliances in India. Majorly famous for its sink and chimney . Explore a wide collection of kitchen sinks from Carysil including Carysil quartz sinks, Carysil granite sinks, Carysil double bowl sinks, and Carysil big bowl sinks and many more. Apart from that, we also offer other kitchen appliances of Carysil such as Chimney, Microwave, HOB, etc

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Carysil Kitchen Sink Big Bowl

Rs. 9,000.00 Rs. 10,000.00
Product SKU : Big Bowl Big Bowl Standard Line Granite Kitchen Sinks Single Bowl Sink Size : 610 mm x 457 mm Bowl Size : 544 mm x 394 mm x 205 mm Brand :...

Carysil Kitchen Sink Swan N...

Rs. 12,800.00
Product SKU : Swan New AscendStandard LineGranite Kitchen SinksSink: 860 mm x 500 mm Bowl: 495 mm x 400 mm x 254 mm Material : Quartz Available in different color(finish)

Carysil Kitchen Sink Waltz-400

Rs. 5,310.00 Rs. 5,900.00
Product SKU : Waltz-400Single BowlDimension(Overall) : 400x500x200 (16 x 20)Bowl Size : 370mm x 340 mm

Carysil Kitchen Sink New Be...

Rs. 18,090.00 Rs. 20,100.00
Product SKU : New Beethoven D200Technical Details Sink: 1160 mm x 500 mm Big Bowl: 365 mm x 424 mm x 200 mm Small Bowl: 295 mm x 424 mm x 200 mm

Carysil Vogue Single Bowl D...

Rs. 9,000.00
Product SKU : Vogue 40x20x9Overall Size : 1016 x 508 x 229 mmBowl Size : 560 x 407 x 229 mm

Carysil Kitchen Sink Jumbo ...

Rs. 12,510.00 Rs. 13,900.00
Product SKU : Jumbo BowlDimension : 780x510x220mm(31 x 19)Color/Finish : Nera(Black)
Carysil Kitchen Sink Waltz-780

Carysil Kitchen Sink Waltz-780

Rs. 12,100.00
Product SKU : Waltz-780Single Bowl Sink Standard LineGranite Kitchen SinksSink: 780 mm x 510 mm(31*20 inches) Bowl: 720 mm x 370 mm x 220 mm(28*15*9 inches)Material : Quartz Available in Different Color

Carysil Kitchen Sink Magic ...

Rs. 8,100.00
Product SKU : Magic SalsaStandard LineGranite Kitchen SinksSingle Bowl Sink: 457 mm x 406 mm Bowl: 417 mm x 363 mm x 200 mmMaterial : Quartz Available in different color(finish)

Carysil Kitchen Sink Largo-...

Rs. 18,500.00
Product SKU : Largo-3620 Largo 3620 900mm x 500mmStandard LineGranite Kitchen SinksTwo Bowl Without DrainerMaterial : Quartz Available in different color(finish)

Carysil Kitchen Sink Vivald...

Rs. 13,980.00
Product SKU : Vivaldi D150Double Bowl Sink One & Half BowlStandard LineSink: 1000 mm x 500 mm Big Bowl: 335 mm x 420 mm x 205 mm Small Bowl: 155 mm x 295 mm x...
Carysil Kitchen Sink Vivaldi D100L

Carysil Kitchen Sink Vivald...

Rs. 13,800.00
Product SKU : Vivaldi D100LTechnical Details Sink: 1000 mm x 500 mm Bowl: 480 mm x 430 mm x 220 mm

Carysil Kitchen Sink New Be...

Rs. 15,900.00
Product SKU : New Beethoven D100LNew Beethoven D100 LStandard LineGranite Kitchen SinksSingle Large Bowl With DrainerSink: 1000 mm x 500 mm Bowl: 480 mm x 424 mm x 200 mmMaterial : Quartz Available in different...

Carysil Kitchen Sink Enigma...

Rs. 21,900.00
Product SKU : Enigma D100LGranite Kitchen Sinks -Premium Line Size : 1000mm x 500mm Bowl: 480 mm x 440 mm x 200 mmSingle Large Bowl With DrainerMaterial : Quartz Available in different color(finish)

Carysil Kitchen Sink Salsa

Rs. 8,000.00
Product SKU : Salsa Standard Line Granite Kitchen Sinks Single Bowl Sink: 533 mm x 457 mm Bowl: 469 mm x 394 mm x 205 mm Carysil Brand Material : Quartz Available in different color(finish)

Carysil Kitchen Sink Quadro...

Rs. 6,812.00 Rs. 7,170.00
Product SKU : Quadro Classic 24x18x8-MattDimension : 610x457 mm

Carysil Kitchen Sink Quadro...

Rs. 6,014.00 Rs. 6,330.00
Product SKU : Quadro Classic 21x18x8-MattDimension : 533x457 mm
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About Carysil 


Acrysil Ltd is one of the prominent manufacturers & exporters of quartz sinks in India established in 1989 in Bhavnagar Gujarat. Carysil is the brand name under which they market their sinks. Carysil exports its product to more than 25 countries including China, Malaysia, Greece, Dubai, Britain etc.  

It is a renowned brand worldwide that goes with the tagline - Made in India, Engineered in Germany. As they have collaborated with German company Schock & Co for technical assistance since the production of their first kitchen sink.  

During 1989-90 they also set up a manufacturing plant for Thermoplastic profile catering to the Automobile Industry which was later discontinued in 2004 now they have also entered into the stainless steel kitchen sink market.

Carysil brand is proudly termed a designer brand by its parent company Acrysil, flaunting its cutting edge technology used in designing the products.  


Carysil Products


Carysil provides a complete range of kitchen appliances such as a 

  • Sink 
  • Chimney
  • Wine Chiller
  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher

    But it is majorly known for its stylish and unique sink products. Carysil is undoubtedly one of the best sink brands that you can lay your hands on in India, which will immediately level up your Kitchen interior game.


    Carysil Catalogue


    Quartz Sink 

    Granite Sinks

    Wall mounted chimney

    Sinks with Drainboards 

    Concrete Sink with faucet


    Undermount Sink with faucet

    Single Lever Mixer


    Kitchens are no longer ignored while considering the interior of the house. With an open door kitchen, you cannot go wrong when choosing the appliances. They need to be stylish, sleek & attractive as well, this is where Carysil products can fill up the space.  


    Frequently Asked Questions by our Customers


    1. Is Carysil an Indian Company?


    Yes, Carysil is an Indian company which set its foot in the market in 1989 out of Gujarat, India. Although its products are made in technical collaboration with a German company Schock & Co that is why they have a tagline - “Made in India, Engineered in Germany”. 

    They have become a world leader in producing world-class quartz sinks and exporting them around the globe.


    2. Are Carysil Sinks good? 


    Carysil sinks are of top-notch quality and are made with high-quality quartz granite. These types of sinks are scratch & dent resistant, long-lasting, and can handle high temperatures easily. Apart from that, Carysil sinks can be easily cleaned and don't produce a foul smell. Its kitchen sinks are ISO 9001 certified so they are indeed good.


    3. Is Carysil a good brand? 


    Carysil is one of the leading brands that manufacture designer kitchen sinks, chimneys, wine chillers, ovens and refrigerators in India. They are famously known for their kitchen sinks which are elegant looking and long-lasting. 


    4. What material is Carysil Sink made of? 


    The main component used to make Carysil sink is quartz granite which is 80% and the rest 20% is combined with acrylic and colour pigments. Due to this, it gets a velvet look. As the main component is quartz granite its sinks are quite tough in nature and don't wear and tear for a long period of time. 


    5. Can You Use Bleach on Carysil Sink?


    Carysil sinks are made of quartz granite which doesn’t stain easily and doesn't require bleaching. Furthermore, the use of bleaching can damage the surface and cause discolouration. So, it is best to avoid treating it with bleach or any other harsh cleaners. It can be easily cleaned with the help of a cloth.


    6. Where to Buy Carysil products? 


    Shankara Buildpro is a registered dealer of Carysil for the longest time and has shortlisted the best product from its catalogue for you. We deliver the best quality product to you at affordable prices.

    You also have the option to buy it offline from our stores. We have over 100+ stores in India in different cities from where you can buy the best kitchen appliances.

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