The Ultimate Guide to Buying Your Shower Enclosure

Your bathroom space is where you love to wash off the day-to-day stress and unwind. This is the reason why the visual appeal and design of the bath space are as important as the utilities installed in it. If you have plans to remodel the bath space in your home, it’s time you add shower enclosure installation to your checklist.

The fundamental intent behind installing bathroom shower enclosures is to avoid getting water spilled all over the floor and reduce the risk of tripping. However, depending on the style you select, a shower enclosure will act as the focal point of your bath space and make its style quotient go several notches higher.

The availability of shower enclosures in different styles and designs often makes it difficult for individuals to select the right option. If you are getting tired of searching through hundreds of options for bathroom enclosures, this guide covers all you need to know. Let’s get started.

What is the Difference Between Shower Cubicles and Shower Enclosures?


Both these terms are often used interchangeably to refer to the enclosures installed inside the bath space. They not only add distinct boundaries inside the bathroom to keep the bathing area from the rest of the space but also enhance the style statement.

More particularly, a shower cubicle represents a minimalist-styled showering space designed for a contemporary bathroom. It is up to you to select the area, size, and style for shower enclosures to be fitted within your bathroom.

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Types of Shower Enclosures to Choose From 


Bathroom shower enclosures are broadly classified into different types based on their style and shape. Here is a detailed classification of glass shower enclosures to help you understand which one fits your space well:

Based on Shape

  • Square Shower Enclosures



    As the name suggests, these types of enclosures cover the shape of a square over your bathroom area. They are highly suitable for most bath spaces as they use the corner spaces quite economically. Besides this, a wide variety of doors can be attached to them without hassles.  

  • Rectangular Shower Enclosures



    These bath enclosures generally take more space in comparison to their square counterparts and are highly preferred in luxury homes with plenty of room space. They can be placed in a corner against two walls or one wall with side panels. 

  • Quadrant Shower Enclosures



    These shower enclosures are most suitable for small bathrooms and take the shape of a pizza slice. They are designed to save space and utilise the corner area. Because of their popularity, they are in use for bathrooms of varied sizes. 

  • Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures



    They are a slightly bigger alternative to the standard quadrant shower enclosures and can fit neatly into the corner of your bathroom. If you think quadrant types are way too small, you can select this type of enclosure without wasting a lot of space within your bathroom.

  • D-Shaped Shower Enclosures



    These are quite similar to the quadrant shape alternatives. However, their flat backs allow them to sit against straight walls whilst offering the look and feel of a curved design. 

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    Based on Styling

  • Frameless Shower Enclosures

  • These enclosures do not have a visible frame, hence the name. This frame-free styling gives them a modern look that adds a touch of luxury to a bath space. In general, frameless enclosures are available in all shapes and sizes.

  • 3-Sided Shower Enclosures

  • They have three glass panels at three sides while a flat wall is used as the fourth one. They are the ideal choice for middle-of-the-wall placement and become more of a unique bath space feature in themselves.

  • Corner Entry Shower Enclosures

  • These glass shower enclosures are ideal for those who want an enclosure that does not allow individuals to enter from the sides. 

  • Walk-in Shower Enclosures

  • Also known as a wet room, a walk-in shower enclosure provides an easy way for entering and exiting the bath space. Its ultra-modern look and door-less design make it a perfect choice for a spacious bathroom. Since it requires a lot of space, it is not suitable for small bathrooms.

    More About Shower Enclosure Door Selection


    Adding a suitable shower enclosure to your bath space does enhance its beauty and aura. However, the next important thing is to select the right type of shower door for the chosen enclosure. The door attached to the enclosure is meant to keep the water inside. 

    Given below is a list of various types of shower doors you can choose from:

  • Sliding shower doors

  • These door slides over the installed wheeler or bearings to give your enclosure a chic look. For sliding shower enclosures, it is advisable to select either quadrant or offset quadrant shower enclosure type.

  • Hinged shower doors

  • These doors are designed to swing either inwards or outwards and are mostly suitable for spacious bathrooms. They will be a perfect addition to square-shaped or rectangular shower enclosures.

  •  Bi-fold shower doors

  • In a bi-fold door, the freeway joint in the middle allows its two parts to fold inwards, hence saving space covered. You can choose this door type for enclosures installed in smaller bathrooms having less space. 

    You should also know that shower doors are mostly available in framed and frameless styles. To create the impression you expect, it is crucial to match your enclosure type with the right kind of door.

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    5 Things to Consider While Buying Shower Enclosures


  • Consider the available area

  • Before you start searching the collection of shower enclosures online, you must know how much space you have. Start with getting the measurements of your bathroom and note the length, width, and height. While large bathrooms give you the luxury to cover more space with a shower enclosure, small ones may become a tad tricky. Once you have these measurements handy, worries like which type to choose, which type of door to pick, etc. will fall into place.

    In case you already have an old shower enclosure that you want to replace, measurement tasks only include taking the dimensions of the existing shower tray.

  • Consider the shape

  • Selecting bathroom shower enclosures of the right shape allows for comfort, style, and practicality to be induced into your home. The wrong shape selection can reduce the potential of your bath space. While it is up to you to decide which kind of enclosure you want, you can follow the recommendations given below for easy enclosure selection:

    Type of Shower Enclosure



    Best suited for small bathrooms and can be installed in corners


    If you want to install it in a small corner only


    If you want a bigger bathing area


    If you do not want a separation in between

  • Set a budget

  • Another important aspect related to shower enclosure selection is the amount you can spend to have it installed in your home. Once you have set a specific budget aside for the enclosure, you can then narrow down the choice to the best option available.

    In general, the glass shower enclosure price in India is calculated based on:

    1. Thickness of glass you select that can range from 5mm to 10mm 
    2. Size of the enclosure (the bigger the size, the costlier it will be)
    3. Enclosure style
    4. Brand from which you buy shower enclosure in India
    5. Additional accessories you may include

  • Add a shower tray

  • Most glass shower enclosures come with or without shower trays that are meant to reduce water leakage from the inside. It is up to you to decide if you want to add the tray or not. In case you do, make sure you select the right type of shower tray with the enclosure. You can select shower trays made of:

    • Cast stone
    • Acrylic
    • Resin

    In general, including an anti-slip shower tray is recommended for added safety and the least worries due to leakage. To ensure you buy the right-sized tray, buy it together with the enclosure.

  • Think about maintenance

  • Most people tend to forget the maintenance side while buying a shower enclosure for their bath spaces but it is important. For regular cleaning and maintenance, you should be able to clean it from the inside without hassles. Also, keep in mind that its position inside the bathroom and size facilitates the cleaning process and do  not obstruct it.

    Shower enclosures offered by major brands in India

    • Kriztle
    • Oyster
    • Cera
    • Jaquar
    • Saint Gobain, and more



    A shower enclosure is no less than a luxury addition to your bathroom space. Since it is a costly addition, it is important that you consider the right selection from different angles before investing your hard-earned money in it.

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