Styling Your Home with Digital Tiles? Read This

Renovating or redesigning your home requires you to think about every wall and floor space like a blank canvas. While there are so many ways to create a masterpiece on this canvas, setting the right type of tiles can make things easier for you. Look for tiles online or offline and you will realize that there are numerous types and designs available. If you want to select nothing but the best option, go for digital tiles for floors and walls.

Also known as digital vitrified tiles, these types of tiles are known to add an extraordinary appeal to your modern home. If you are wondering - ‘What’s so digital in the digital tiles design?', you have come to the right place. Let’s start with the basics.

What are digital tiles?

Digital tiles as the name suggests, are made using ceramic and vitrified materials using digital printing technology. Before digital printing, tiles were mostly made using design frames and screen printing, and the process was not highly efficient. With digital printing techniques, it is now possible to add almost any design and pattern to the tile surface. This is the reason why you can easily find a wide range of digital tiles designs available both offline and online.

Digital tiles are suitable for both walls and floors because of their attractive texture and appeal. They are also available in different sizes, such as 300x300mm, 300x450mm, 300x600mm, 600x600mm, and many others. If you want to add a touch of class and modernity to your home, look no further than installing impressive digital tile. 

Why are digital tiles in trend these days?

There are several reasons that make digital tiles one of the most preferred alternatives to the plain black-and-white tile combination. These include:

  • Artwork on the walls and floors

  • An artistic impression created by the aura of a place looks magnificent and eye-catching. These days, making your home look like a work of art does not necessarily mean hiring an artist to do the walls and floors. You can transform the overall appeal of your home with digital floor tiles designs having stunning artwork. Whether it is geometrical design to symmetry to the floors or floral digital wall tiles design for walls, the choice is all yours. The sharp finish and high-resolution artwork printing on the tiles make the design come alive.

  • Style statement blended with functionality

  • A common age-old proverb in India says - ‘What looks good may not be equally good internally’. While it is easy to comprehend and accept in most life instances, it does not hold valid in reference to digital tiles.

    One of the most striking characteristics of digital tiles is their strength and functional benefits. These high-quality tiles are also easy to maintain, stain-resistant, and the surface appeal does not easily fade away in just a few years. Particularly if you have kids and senior people in your family, you need not worry about sudden skid or fall with the anti-skid feature of digital tiles.

  • Multi-purpose use

  • One of the most common misconceptions related to tile purchase is that you cannot use the same types of tile in different places. Although individual design preferences may differ, you can still have the liberty to install digital tiles wherever you want in your home. If you have plans to do a bathroom makeover or your new modern home is in the making for which you need a range of tile patterns, digital tiles can be your best bet. 

    The availability of a wide range of patterns and prints on digital tiles can make it easier for you to make the tile selection. 

  • Easy to mix and match different tile designs

  • Gone are the days when different shades of white were the most preferred tiles for homes. The revolution brought forward by digital tiles has made it easier for people to mix and match multiple shades and patterns of tiles altogether.


    For example, you can select floral tiles to set the perimeter of floor space while filling it up with a monotonous digital tiles design that matches the overall impression.

  • Multiple finishes to choose from

  • Digital tiles are also available in different finishes, ranging from glossy, sugar, matt, rustic, to HD polish. Each of these different finishes is suitable for different sub-spaces within your home. Example - you can select glossy digital wall tiles for bath space and bedroom floors, while the matt finish is best suited for the living room floor area. Similarly, if you want to stylize the patio in your home, go for HD polish digital floor tiles.

    The best part - you can maintain a consistent yet appealing look on both floors and walls with digital tiles.

    Types of digital tiles to choose from

    Digital tiles are available in different types, such as:

    • Glazed vitrified tiles - those having glazed surface
    • Nano-polished vitrified tiles - the range of tiles that has nano-pores on the surface to absorb liquid silica
    • Double-charged digital tiles - best suited for regions with heavy foot traffic
    • Full-body vitrified tiles - highly durable, thick tiles best suited for restaurants and malls

    Tips to consider while buying digital tiles for your home

    With the finer advancements in tile production technology digital tile design have become increasingly popular. However, the availability of endless tile designs can be a bit of a minefield for the uninformed to make the right selection.

    Given below are a few handful tips for selecting the best quality digital tiles for your place of living:

  • Keep your budget in mind

  • This should be the first step toward selecting tiles for your home. While you can easily get many recommendations, ideas, and tile designs, the ones you can actually buy are the ones that fit into your budget.

  • Consider the durability factor

  • Different types of digital tiles are designed with different strength and durability quotients. Hence, it is strongly advisable to select good quality, durable tiles that can last longer than expected. The ones that can get damaged easily are the ones that also need a quick replacement.

  • Prefer slip-resistant tiles for outdoor areas

  • It’s a no-brainer that you should select anti-slip tiles for outdoor areas that are frequently wet. This will help prevent injuries by falling or skidding on the floor.

  • Buy tiles from a renowned brand

  • Renowned tile brands have built their reputation by delivering the best quality products over a long period. If consistency in quality is your first preference, you must select digital tiles from reliable brands in India.

  • Buy digital tiles online

  • Online shopping simply means time-saving and convenience. You can now benefit from online shopping of digital tiles from renowned online tile retailers or tile brand aggregators. 

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    The selection of tiles for your home can make or mar the entire design and impression. However, by making digital tiles your first choice for home improvement needs, you can make your place a modern abode catching the eyes of the onlookers.

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