Kitchen Sink Designs & Key Aspects For Your Perfect Kitchen

Before proceeding to the actual article “kitchen Sink Designs & Key Aspects” let’s see the history of the kitchen sink.

History of Kitchen Sink:

Kitchen sinks form an important part of any household. The history of kitchen sinks goes back by almost 150 years.

  • Kitchen sinks started as bowls rested on tabletops. Over time, the tabletops were cut and the kitchen sinks were sunk into the cavity to create dry sinks.
  • What started as basic units made out of wood, stone or iron has now evolved through improved manufacturing and value engineering.

5 Key Factors Of Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

There are a number of aspects to consider when we purchase a modern stainless steel kitchen sink. They are as follows:

  1. Grade: The most popular choice is stainless steel grade 304.
  2. Thickness: 0.8 mm and 1 mm thickness stainless steel is most widely used though some designs also have 1.2 mm thickness available
  3. Scratch resistance: Stainless steel is prone to scratches. It needs to be hardened to ensure that any scratches from knife/nail etc are not visible.
  4. Sound resistance: As the sink is an enclosed area, dripping water can create a humming sound in the sink. Check for sound reducing pads in the sink.
  5. Kitchen Sink Sizes: Most common sizes available are 18 inches x 24 inches; 32 inches x 20 inches and 20 inches x 40 inches. The standard depth of the sinks is 8 inches though up to 10 inches depth options are also available.

Sink Design Ideas For Your Perfect Kitchen:

Colors Available in Kitchen Sink:

There are plenty of Sink colors available in the market, choose the color based on the interior of the kitchen. Few colors are listed below

1) Stainless Steel Sink:

2) Nera Sink:

3) Corn Flakes Sink:

4) Snova Sink:

Kitchen Sink Finish

Glossy and matte are the major finish used in the Sinks.

Unique Design In Sink:

1) Single Bowl Sink:

2) Single Bowl Sink With Drainer

3) Double Bowl Sink

4) Double Bowl Sink With Drainer

5) Corner Sink

Different Style Of Sinks Available

Under Mount Sink

Under Mount Sinks helps us to wipe the kitchen slab easily and ensure a dry kitchen. Also since the water does not come in direct touch with the joints, it ensures that the adhesives do not wear off and prevents leakages from developing at the joints.

Overmount sink

The kitchen sink is the customary type of sink where the edges of the sink are put on the countertop.

8 Accessories To Consider While Buying Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks form an important part of any household. Following 8 Kitchen Sink Accessories Will Make Your Kitchen Stylish & Modern

1) Wire Basket for Kitchen Sink

Used to drain the washed vessels, This method is used to keep the surface of the area clean and dry.

2) Chopping Basket

Easy to wash the vegetable and chop the vegetables in a hygienic manner

3) kitchen Sink Taps

Select your taps which are stylish to give opulence to your beautiful kitchen and select the tap based on the size of sink

  • Deck mounted Taps:

  • Wall Mounted Taps

4) Soap Dispenser for Sink

Sink seems incomplete without a soap dispenser. Use a thicker liquid soap that will dispense from the spout at a more downward angle.

5) Waste Coupling

In Waste coupling, two shapes are available Round & Square. The most common is round shape waste coupling.

  • Round Shape Waste Coupling

  • Square Shape Waste Coupling

6) Food Waste Dispenser

Food waste Dispenser will break the larger particle into small pieces and allows the water to flow thoroughly.

7) Bottle Trap

An outlet of the kitchen sink which connect waste coupling to the outlet

8) Connection pipe

Inlet and outlet for sink and tap

Top Sink Brands In The Indian Market:

Carysil: (Buy Carysil Sink)

A crystal Limited was incorporated in 1987 and is primarily engaged in the manufacture of Granite based kitchen sinks or ‘Composite Quartz Sinks”. The company started operations with a technical collaboration with “Schock & Co. The company has also diversified into the manufacture of stainless steel sinks and boasts a complete range of kitchen appliances such as chimneys, cook-tops, wine cellars, etc. Know More about Carysil 

Futura: (Buy Futura Sink)

Since 1997, Futura Kitchen sinks Ind Pvt Ltd. has focused on carving the perfect sink to add splendor and grace to your kitchen interior. The company has today evolved as one of the leading and reputed manufacturers of kitchen sinks and accessories establishing in the process a distinct brand identity “Futura”. More About  Futura

Franke: (Franke Sink)

For over 100 years, Franke has thrived on innovative engineering and outstanding design. Not only do they offer excellent products, but also tailor-made solutions for the complex needs of customers. Know More about Franke


Nirali Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks has achieved the dual status of being India’s No. 1 and also the largest selling brand in the country. Known for innovation, style, and durability, its products have found overwhelming recognition in Europe, the USA, Nepal, Vietnam, Kenya, and Sri Lanka as well. Know More About Nirali


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