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Making a sensible choice is crucial because pipe fittings require resources such as cash, supplies, labor, and tools to install.

When planning and producing a plumbing system, specific standard codes are followed. Some of the organizations that support these standards are ASME, API, AWWA, and MSS.

Let's know about what a pipe fitting is before discussing the names and pictures of PVC pipe fittings.

What Is a Pipe Fitting?

Pipe systems use fittings to connect the straight sections of tubes or pipes. These fittings come in different shapes and sizes. Pipe fittings facilitate regular fluid flow and are widely used in plumbing to manipulate the flow of liquid, gas, or water through commercial or domestic pipe systems.

Names of PVC Pipe Fittings in House

Here’s a list of the names of PVC pipe fittings one needs to know.

  • Adapter
  • Coupling
  • Elbow
  • Nipple
  • Reducer
  • Union
  • Tee
  • Diverter tee
  • Cap
  • Cross
  • Double-tapped bushing
  • Barb
  • Plug
  • Valve

These PVC pipe fittings are said to be extensively used since they are frequently used in pressured piping systems.

1. Adapter

Generally speaking, an "adapter" is a fitting that joins two different pipe components. They are also known as reduction couplings and have threaded or slide socket ends that allow pipes to be connected. They can have female or male threads and are therefore referred to as spigots or sockets, respectively. It comes in a variety of forms, including

Expansion adapter: These adapters contain a flexible component to absorb expansion or contraction caused by two different pipes. 

MJ adapters are used to join polyethylene pipes to other materials. MJ adapters are also known as mechanical joint adapters. 

Bell adapters have a stainless steel backup ring but are otherwise similar to MJ adapters. Positive sealing is provided by this ring against the mating flange.

Flange adapters: Polyethylene pipes with a butt fusion that stiffens a junction are attached with flange adapters. Another flanged pipe or fitting could be bolted to it.

2. Elbow

Between two pipes or tubes, elbows are inserted to provide a change of direction, typically at a 45- or 90-degree angle. However, there are other elbows that are 22.5 degrees. Reducers or decreasing elbows are the names given to elbows whose elbow ends have different sizes. Another variety of 3-ended elbow is the side elbow, which is typically utilized in tents, crates, displays, and canopies. Elbows have devices at the ends that allow for butt welding. They can either be socketed or threaded (often female).

Coupling: Couplings are the most inexpensive and simple PVC pipe fittings. A coupling connects or “couples” two pipes together, usually permanently. The couplings required for pipes of different sizes are called reducer, adapter, or reducing coupling. There are two types of couplings:

Regular coupling: This protects a pipe from being placed too deeply by having a little stop or ridge within. Therefore, occasionally the pipes are not inserted correctly, leading to an unsatisfactory connection. 

Slip coupling: Unlike a standard coupling with a ridge and a stop, a slip coupling is also known as a repair coupling. As a result, the installer must be cautious when inserting the pipe and accurately measure the slip coupling's final placement.

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3. Union

A PVC pipe fitting known as a union joins two pipes, although it is not permanent like a coupling fitting. This fitting is simple to detach, even more than once as necessary. It is composed of a male, a female, and a nut. The male and female joint ends are sealed by the nut. The ring-shaped nut can be taken off for simple maintenance and disassembly. 

Another sort of PVC pipe fitting used at the connections of pipes made of different metals, such as copper and galvanized steel, is the dielectric union. This is done to stop galvanized corrosion from happening when an electrically conductive solution (tap water) travels across two different metals.

Another variety of PVC pipe fitting is a rotary union, which permits mechanical rotation of one of the attached components while simultaneously preventing leaks of any kind.

4. Nipple

A nipple is a name given to a short stub of pipe. This short stub is usually male-threaded steel, CPVC, copper, or brass, and occasionally unthreaded copper. Typically, a nipple is used to connect two female fittings of a PVC system. They are mostly made with a schedule 80 PVC as they require a tight fit even though they are also quite compatible with schedule 40 too.

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5. Reducer

The pipe's size is decreased using a reducer. Any fitting that varies the diameter of the pipe may also fall under this definition. Two varieties are available:

Concentric reducer: Two pipes are connected by it along the same axis. It appears to be a cone. 

Eccentric reducer: It connects two pipes of various sizes. The eccentric reducer has a form that resembles bells with shifted center lines. 

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6. Double-tapped Bushing

Double-tapped bushings are a type of fitting that has a reducer function. Its sleeve resembles a close nipple and is laced on its inner and exterior circumferences. A double-tapped bushing differs from a reducer in that it is more compact and has a smaller female thread.

7. Tee

A fitting made of PVC called a "Tee" has a T-shaped inlet and output. there are 3 ends: 2 are on a straight line, while the third is on an angle of 90 degrees. When two distinct lines need to be divided at a 90-degree angle, this fitting is employed. Additionally, these tees can join two pipelines into a single mainline. The majority of tees are more durable than cross fittings and have slip socket ends. They also come in various sizes.

Diverter tee: Diverter tees are the names of PVC pipe fittings used in heating systems that concern water. They have directional markings and must be installed with precision to ensure accurate operation.

8. Cross

Cross is another name for cross branch lines or four-way fittings. These feature either 1 inlet and 3 outlets or the opposite. Typically, they have solvent-welded sockets or female-threaded ends. When temperature fluctuations take place when they connect four sites, they could put stress on pipes. They can control fluid flow and provide the framework with more structural integrity.

Cap: Cross, also referred to as cross branch lines or four-way fittings. These have 3 outlets and 1 intake, or the other way around. They often have solvent-welded sockets or ends with female threads. As they connect four places, temperature fluctuations may put a strain on pipes. They can control fluid flow and add structural stability to the framework.


Pipe fittings connect the pipes together and allow customization of plumbing to suit the needs. There are lots of different kinds of PVC fittings with multiple different purposes, such as the drainage of rainwater.

Different types of PVC fittings have unique applications and uses. When shopping for a fitting, keep in mind that each fitting has various amounts of iteration and applications. The market today offers many types of PVC fittings just like PVC pipes. Each connector is designed to serve a specific purpose and application with advantages and disadvantages.

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