Kitchen Sink Buying Guide: All You Need to Know

A beautiful kitchen acts as the heart of every home. But as the heart of every kitchen, there lies a kitchen sink. Washing fruits and vegetables, rinsing dishes, or prepping food, your kitchen sink is there to support various tasks. Since an attractive kitchen sink also complements the overall kitchen decor, it is important to keep it clean or replace it when needed.

If you are planning for a kitchen makeover, you can think about replacing the age-old sink with a new one. Before you jump onto searching for the right kitchen sink type, have you thought about the right kitchen sink size as well? From traditional top-mount sinks to trendier farmhouse sinks, you can select the one you like the most. But you need to ensure that shopping for the right sink size will not turn out to be overwhelming for you.

Indeed, there’s a perfect sink size and type available for every kitchen, irrespective of its size. This guide will help you understand the kitchen sink size aspect in more detail.

Commonly Used Kitchen Sink Sizes in India



Whether you wish to look for the right kitchen sink size online or in a local store near you, you will find a multitude of options available. Given below are some of the common kitchen sink sizes:

  1. Standard size - 22” (inch) long and 30” wide
  2. Single bowl sink - 30” length x 30” width
  3. Double bowl sink - 22” length x 36” width
  4. Oversized sink - at least 36” length

    You should also know that the standard depth of most kitchen sinks is 8-10 inches. If available, you can pick a suitable kitchen sink size with a deeper bowl to accommodate more utensils and reduce water splashing. Besides this, sinks that measure more than 30” in length contain two or more bowls in general.

    From a kitchen sink of size 9” in length to the one exceeding 40” for large spaces, the choices may seem endless. Before you buy a new one for your kitchen area, you should keep in mind that the chosen sink will handle water, slimy foods, and sharp objects throughout its lifetime. Although selecting the right kitchen sink size is important, it is not the only aspect you need to consider to find the most suitable option.

    What Else Should You Consider?


    1. Design & Colour



    Kitchen sinks are available in different designs and shapes, be it rectangular, square, or circular. The selection of kitchen sink shapes is entirely up to you. Just make sure that the option you select will fit well into your kitchen space in terms of size and overall visual appeal.

    If you are more interested in selecting a kitchen sink made of fireclay or granite, you can either select the one whose colour matches the countertop or is in complete contrast.

    2. Kitchen Sink Material




    Although sinks made of stainless steel are quite popular, you can also find sinks made of different materials. Some of the common kitchen sink materials are:

    1. Cast iron (highly durable and requires low maintenance)
    2. Stainless steel (resistant to chipping and cracking)
    3. Fireclay (resistant to rust and discoloration)
    4. Copper (requires extra maintenance to prevent corrosion)
    5. Natural stone (made of marble, granite, or travertine)
    6. Granite composite (made of a combination of granite stone and resins)

      While the durability of a kitchen sink depends on the material you select, you must ensure that it matches the theme and aura of your space aesthetically.

      3. Price

      Ultimately, the kitchen sink you can buy depends on the amount you are willing to spend on it. The price generally varies as per the selected kitchen sink size, type, and material. Similarly, you may find a slight difference in kitchen sink prices when bought online or offline. 

      Therefore, it makes sense to set a budget beforehand and then start creating a list of different types of sink, keeping the size fixed (the one that will fit your kitchen space).

      4. Number of bowls




      Selecting between kitchen sinks having one, two, or three bowls is a matter of personal preference and how it will be used. You should consider the kind of cooking done at your place, number of family members, and how you prefer to wash the dishes while selecting the right kitchen sink size and style.

      Consider the following table to select the right type of kitchen sink:

      Number of bowls in the sink


      Single bowl

      Best suited for a small family

      Double bowl

      Suitable if you hand wash all of the dishes yourself (you can keep one side of the sink with water for washing while the other is used for rinsing)

      Triple bowl

      If you want the prep sink to be completely isolated from the other basins

      5. Types of installation



      Kitchen sinks are also classified into various types based on the type of installation. These include top mount sinks, undermount sinks, and integrated sinks. You can select the one that best suits your preferences and budget.

      Types of Kitchen Sinks 



      Top mount sink

      Easy to install and low in cost

      Undermount sink

      Easy to clean and made of better quality material

      Drainboard sink

      Easy to drain water from utensils back into the sink

      Corner sink

      Suitable for small kitchen spaces

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      Kitchen Sink Maintenance Tips


      Once you have selected the right kitchen sink size, putting it to the right use does not end at its installation. For regular use without facing leakage or blockage, you need to keep the sink clean and maintain it well. Here are a few tips to make your kitchen sink last longer:

      1. Give it a thorough rinse at least once a week
      2. Sanitize your kitchen sink daily
      3. Follow a non-abrasive sink scrubbing schedule to remove stains, depending on the kitchen sink material 
      4. Clean the nooks and crannies near the faucets

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