Construction & Building Material List [With Images]

When it comes to a flat purchase, most people won't think twice if they have met with an exceptional deal. However, house building is totally different from that, and it becomes worse when you have to buy land and then start erecting structures. Only three things are needed to construct your house building: Land, Money, and House Building Materials.

The person with these things in his hands can build a house within a few months. However, most have incomplete knowledge about the entire house building materials list. And a few start working to collect the complete house building materials list by searching and meeting with contractors. 

Hence, we will discuss the building construction materials and their list to reduce the stress and headache. This is the most vital part if you don't know about the things needed to construct a house building. Therefore, without any further waiting, let's understand the building material. 

What is Construction & Building Material?

A simple definition of construction &  building material is the materials used on construction sites to erect buildings, houses and other structures. This includes cement, bricks, sand, wood, timber, and steel and the list is quite long which we are going to discuss in detail.

However, the material involved in the construction materials list must be durable. Do you know why? Some will say that it helps the building foundations and some will say it helps your home stand like a tree in any circumstances. Both are correct! 

If you get robust materials such as cement, bricks, sand, etc.Your construction materials must be robust enough to bear the weight of heavy walls, beams and columns. These basic things will help your home to stand straight on the battlefield. 

In other words, these materials must be enough to bear any weather and environmental conditions for many years. You will get a clear picture from the following characteristics of building materials. 


Whether you are a contractor with many projects in hand or building your own home. You will need some good-quality materials that bear any conditions. Therefore, make a construction material list that includes durability, strength, resistance from water and fire, etc. 

Remember that most companies use different blends offering the same benefits. Therefore, you have to be choosy in terms of building materials. 

Furthermore, these are created to stand straight even by bearing heavy loads and stresses. Another best feature of building materials is toughness. When materials get tough, they will help the house to absorb the energy. 

Lastly, when you get all these things into your building materials, grab them and build your dream home. However, these building construction materials come in different types. Check them out here! 

List of Construction & Building Materials

A building Materials list can be classified into five different groups. They are commonly known as fire-resistive, heavy timber, wood-framework, non-combustible and ordinary. Depending on every construction type, different materials are used. 


Without cement, you cannot erect structures. Cement works as a binder between every brick and is used in columns, beams, foundations, etc. In addition to that, cement comes in powder. And the most interesting thing is, it is amongst the oldest materials you can use to build. 

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After cement, sand is the most important factor used in building materials. Sand is a granular substance mixed with mineral particles. Further, the sand consists of two most essential contents: silica and calcium carbonate. Also, it stands in non-renewable resources, which can be available near the river, desert, beach, marine, and ocean sides. It is applied to different types of materials such as bricks, concrete, mortar, etc.   

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Bricks & Blocks Types Building Material

Now, here comes the third most vital element of the building construction materials list - Bricks. 

Bricks are presently available in two different types. The first is clay bricks and the second is cement bricks. 

They are the combination of blended water placed into the shape. Mostly, they are used to build walls, compounds and other essential structures. Most structures are made with bricks nowadays.  

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After that, aggregates take over the importance in the house building materials list. 

The smallest mining particles are called aggregates. Aggregates are amongst the primary elements of mixed materials such as concrete. Most only purchase this material to complete the material list. However, the fact is that it empowers more strength in your construction works. Further, it is applied on cement concrete, asphalt concrete, retaining wall drainage, roadside drainage, etc.  

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Wherever you go, you will find the rocks and stones naturally. Different places of various construction sites need different stones and rocks. 

These stones or rocks are rugged, durable, tough and used in specific sections. These are also available in various types, such as ballast, slate, granite, sandstone, marble, laterite and whatnot. Therefore, you can use them in different places, including road construction, bridge piers, retaining walls, kitchen platforms, ornamental works, etc.

Wood & Timber

These essential materials are also available naturally on the globe. Using these materials, you can make a variety of structures. That's not enough yet! Most believe that these are massive resources of isolation and almost 30% of total material depends on these woods and timbers. 

Further, it is applied to formwork, doors, house furniture, railings, gables, flooring and many more. Therefore, timbers increase the value of building construction materials

Lastly, the house building materials are incomplete without thatch, fired bricks, fabric, foam, gypcrete, metal, plastic and steel. All these are important to make your dream home. The absence of single material may result in obstruction in your home construction.


Constructing a home is not a straightforward job; we have to go through a lot. From making the list of house building materials to calculating the estimates and creating your dream home into reality, endless things are needed.

Whether you are a contractor or a home builder, you will need some house-building materials.

Hope this article has helped you make a list of all the necessary items.

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