Branded Tiles Vs. Local Tiles: Is it the Same?

Renovating your home is something close to every homeowner’s heart. We would want to make every corner of our abodes beautiful, irrespective of how much we can afford to do that. When it is about redoing the flooring and walls, we stick to choosing tiles that are both attractive and budget-friendly. However, if you have invested time and effort in renovating your place earlier, you would agree that selecting the right type of tiles can be a tough nut to crack. With seemingly endless tile designs offered by leading wall and flooring tile brands in India, picking a few options is not as easy as it may sound.

Before homeowners like you can put their fingers on a few tile designs, there is one common question that often pops up in the mind - whether to go for branded tiles or local tiles. If you are in the middle of selecting tiles for home renovation, you must know what makes branded tiles different from the local alternatives.

Differences Between Branded Tiles and Local Tiles

Here, we have compared branded tiles with locally-available tiles based on five parameters to help you make the right selection:

  • Availability 

  • A missing piece of tile, whether on the floors or walls, does not look good. But many people just cannot avoid that owing to the non-availability of tiles having the design or pattern. This happens quite often in cases where you buy local tiles. Similarly, you can also end up in situations where only half the floor or wall area has tiles laid on it and the same tiles go out of stock. 

    It is easy to avoid facing such possibilities when you prefer buying tiles from renowned brands. Their pan-India network of authorised dealers will make it easier for you to buy the same type of tiles wherever you are. You can even order branded tiles online from renowned stores. 

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  • Consistent quality

  • Have you ever found inconsistency in tile design, shape, and dimensions even when they are taken out from the same bundle? With local tiles that are manufactured in small factories having lesser control over quality output, you are bound to witness such inconsistencies and defects. If this is something you want to avoid in the first place, look no further than branded tiles offered by leading flooring tiles brands in India.

    These brands have state-of-the-art manufacturing tools and quality control measures to ensure that every tile they produce is of standard quality. Whether it is the appearance or performance, branded tiles beat local tiles to offer long-term benefits to the homeowners.

  • Wide range of design availability

  • These days, markets are flooded with the easy availability of hundreds of tile designs and patterns. On the manufacturing side, this requires the use of latest laser printing and nano-polishing technologies to meet the changing consumer demands. Since established tile manufacturing companies can invest in these technologies, they can easily offer a wide range of impressive designs and patterns that are beyond the craftsmanship of a local manufacturer. 

    This is the reason why you can explore a multitude of options offered by leading tile brands in India. On the other hand, you can easily find redundant patterns of tiles being available in the local markets.

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  • Durability and strength

  • Laying tiles on the floor and walls is supposed to be a long-lasting home improvement. Ideally, you would want the tiles you select to last longer than you expect and not undergo a significant loss of surface appeal. If you do not want to invest a certain amount after every few years for tile replacement at home, you are advised to select nothing but branded tiles

    It is because branded tiles are made using high-quality raw material and advanced manufacturing technology. They are more robust, durable, last longer, and do not lose their attraction even after years of use. You can even get some form of guarantee from leading tile brands in India. On the other hand, local tiles may fade earlier than expected or need replacement because of lack of adequate strength. 

  • Pricing 

  • In general, there is no specific way to ensure you get local tiles at uniform pricing. Each distributor recommends tiles based on his profit margins or customer’s budget, which is why the pricing of these tiles may differ from one seller to another even in the same city. 

    Branded tiles, on the other hand, are uniformly priced across the country in general. Also, you can find the price of these tiles available on the official websites of top-rated walls and flooring tiles brands in India. Besides this, the brand value reflects the assurance of quality you would expect for long term benefits.

    Why Choose Branded Tiles? - Benefits At a Glance

    • Easy availability of a wide range of tile designs and patterns
    • Best quality tiles available with uniform/consistent appearance
    • Pan-India network of leading brands selling top-quality tiles for homes
    • Durability factors that tend to increase the age of tiles
    • Pricing that fits every budget

    How to Simplify Your Tile Shopping Experience

  • Finalize the budget

  • The cost of tiles varies from one design to another. Therefore, it makes sense to start with finalizing the total amount you can spend to purchase branded tiles. Keep in mind that your total tile replacement budget should also include the cost of installing tiles.

  • Measure the area where you want to lay the tiles

  • Before proceeding with tile selection, you need to take room-wise measurements of the area to get a rough idea of the number of tiles you will need. Also, dividing your budget for buying tiles by the total area will give you an estimate of the per-square-foot cost of tiles you should select. This will help narrow down the search for the best branded tiles within your budget.

  • Select the right type of tiles

  • There are various types of tiles available both online and offline, such as ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, vitrified tiles, or cement tiles. Each of them is available in different sizes and has a distinct price based on the design you select. It is up to you to decide which type of tiles you would like to install in your home.

  • Select the right tile color

  • If you are partially renovating your home with new tiles, it would be better to select tiles whose color matches or is in contrast with the current color scheme of your home. This way, you need not spend money on getting your house repainted after the tiles are installed.

  • Select an appropriate tile size

  • The size of tiles you select does play a crucial role in determining the overall aura of your renovated home. For instance, you can buy branded tiles of size 12x12 inches for the kitchen and bathroom area while tiles sized 24x24 inches can be chosen for the living room and bedrooms. 

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