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Modular switches are a significant component of modern living. Electrical switches are valued for their aesthetics, usability, and design to ensure that they fit in with people's homes. It can be found in any house, place of business, or workplace.

How to Identify What Type of a Switch to Buy

  • Checking the switch's current rating is the first step in choosing which switch to purchase.
  • For the most basic fans and illumination, use 6A/10A switches.
  • For larger lighting and moderately power-consuming items like a TV and a cooler, 16A/20A switches are used.
  • Heavy equipment like geysers, air conditioners, and motors require 25A/32A switches.
  • Choosing the brand that has the best switches in India would ensure the correct guidance.

Best Modular Switches Brands in India

Even though electric modular switches have excellent performance by themselves, one can get even more effective designs if one chooses the best modular switch brands in India.

As a result, we at buildpro present the manufacturers of India's best modular switch brands.


Established in 1916, with more than a century of manufacturing electrical switches under their belts. With a group turnover of more than 300 million euros, Simon is an international brand from Spain now making the best modular switches in India
The head office and one manufacturing site for Simon are located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, and Haridwar, Uttarakhand, respectively, in India.
The projects that Simon completed successfully include the Varanasi International Airport, Reliance Industries Jamnagar, Novotel Hotel Pune, Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital Bangalore, and Omax City Jaipur.
Additionally, advanced automatic switches have alarms for potential harm and warnings. Simon makes the best switches in India at the most affordable prices.

Switch Ranges:

  • Simon Vivid
  • Peter Hausmann


One of the biggest manufacturers of electrical equipment in India is Havells India Ltd was founded in 1958. The company makes the best electric switches in India, great personal grooming products, fans, lighting, appliances, and so forth.
Havells operates 12 manufacturing facilities worldwide, including 7 in India in Alwar, Baddi, Faridabad, Haridwar, Neemrana, and Sahibabad. Crabtree, Standard & Lloyd brands were purchased by Havells.

Switch Ranges:

  • Coral Modular
  • Oro Modular
  • Oro Metallica

Why Havells have the best Modular Switches in India:

  • Switches from Havells are put through a one million operation test to assure long-lasting functionality
  • These switches are made of UV-stabilized, flame-retardant polycarbonate, which guarantees that they won't discolour with time
  • For both resistive and inductive loads, Havells switches are made
  • Fire-Resistant Mechanism
  • Flame resistance

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Founded in 1963 in Bombay Talkies, Mumbai, the first famous facility was put into operation in Valsad, Gujarat, in 1971.

At a time when the unorganized sector dominated the market for best electrical switches in India or wiring equipment, Anchor began producing electrical items of exceptional quality.

With the development of Panasonic's technology, Anchor has recently captivated the attention of the masses with its extensive selection of high-quality electrical switches and accessories.

In order to satisfy customer expectations, the company manufactures modular switches while keeping these three criteria in mind: safety, quality, and price. That is why they have the best switches in India.

In 1973, the introduction of Penta and Piano was notable for Indian switches.

Switch Ranges:

  • Eco Modular
  • Penta Modular & Rider Non Modular
  • Penta & Modular Boxes Premium Modular
  • Vision & Ave Mid Modular - Roma & Wood


A division of Wipro Ltd., Wipro North-West offers consumers a cutting-edge selection of switches, home automation, and electrical solutions. It is among the best brands of modular switches in India.

As a top producer of modular switches, the business creates cutting-edge goods based on in-depth research to satisfy customers' expectations and go above and beyond their basic necessities.

The North-West Company Switch, created to lend elegance to the interior, is the ideal fusion of cutting-edge technology, quality, and style.

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GM Modular

GM Modular Pvt Ltd established in the year 2000 Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Company is a constant innovator and market leader in switches and other home electrical accessories, making imaginative products that transform people’s lives tremendously.

GM has established itself as one of the best switch brands in India because of continuous innovation.

The company creates products that fit the lifestyle. So the greatest option for modular switches is this firm.

Switch Ranges:

  • Gmagic
  • Four Five
  • Smart Switch
  • Zicono Switch
  • Zenova Switch
  • Tuoch Switch

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Legrand is a French corporation that was established in 1904 and has operations in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Legrand is a global brand that sells its goods in more than 180 countries and has facilities in over 90 of them.

600 distribution partners, 24 offices, 3 manufacturing facilities, and more than 1000 staff.

Switch Ranges:

  • Axolute
  • Arteor
  • Myrius
  • Mylinc
  • Britzy

Why Choose the Best Modular Switches in India

Compared to ordinary non-modular electrical switches, they have a variety of benefits.

Aesthetic - The major characteristics that set them apart from conventional ones are their appearance and usability. A wide range of appealing designs are available for modular switches. Modular switches provide a much wider range of material, color, and finish customization possibilities. A wide range of appealing designs are available for modular switches.

Multifunctional - For trouble-free electrical wiring, they provide a screwless electrical solution. These switches are multifunctional and as result, these switches are used for varied purposes such as automation, security and data transmission, signaling, and much more. It can be used conveniently for heavy-duty applications along with daily basis appliances.

Maintenance - With no need for modification, the modular switch family provides a standardized electrical solution for simple installation and maintenance.

Versatility - All sorts of switches come in a wide range of material alternatives. They also come in distinctive switch plate materials like coloured, plastic, wooden, or glass. They are additionally tailored to meet the requirements of the interiors.

Safety - The switches in question are quite secure. They do not also present a danger of electric shock. They also don't have any exterior metallic components. Plastic of a high caliber has insulating qualities. They also have sockets that are child-proof.

Advantages Of Best Electrical Switches in India

  • Good quality switches would enhance safety which is why choosing the best switch brand in India is important.
  • Versatility is confirmed with the good brands of modular switches, choosing a good brand would help with it.

What Features To Look For In A Switch

There are a few features one should be looking for in a modular electric switch.

Quality: One should ensure that the switches they get are of a high caliber. Poor quality could lead to issues in the home.

Price: The cost of the switches will vary depending on their quality, but it's important to find the best deal possible given their budget.

Durability: If one wants a switch that will last, be sure it is strong and composed of materials that can withstand daily use.

Compatibility: Verify that the modular switch is compatible with the house's wiring.

Looks: The switch's design is up to personal preference, but make sure it blends in with the interior design of the house.

Connections: Ensure that the terminal connections on the back of the device match the wiring in the home.

Safety: Modular switches typically contain a cutout button and a neon light to warn of a power failure or a connection issue.

Lighting: Some switches have built-in lighting, allowing one to use them as night lights.

What are the types of modular switches in India

After showing these switches' advantages in terms of functionality, let's explore the various switch types. Moreover, the materials used to create the various types of switches make an excellent addition to any house or office's room decor.

Classic modular switches

They have a unique characteristic and a soft color. In terms of price and usefulness, they are also an economical substitute for conventional switches. They also provide a sleek style and appealing colors. Additionally, they provide the necessary classic vibe.

Different brands of modular switches

Brand Price Range
Gold Medal switches Rs. 20- Rs. 300
Havells modular switches Rs. 50- Rs. 450
Legrand modular switches Rs. 35- Rs. 200
Schneider modular switches Rs. 30- Rs. 170
Great White switches Rs. 18- Rs. 132

Metallic Modular Switches

These kinds of switches definitely have a luxurious sense to them because of the metallic touch. Additionally, the design of these switches evokes the desire for a brighter future in the far East. They can also be recognised by their bright, opulent appearance. They are also available in a variety of color schemes, including Gold with Graphite Accessories, Mint Green with Graphite Accessories, and Cava with Graphite Accessories.

Different brands of modular switches

Brand Price Range
Great White modular switches (Metallic plate) Rs. 175- Rs. 700
Havells modular switches (Metallic plate) Rs.500-Rs.1000
Anchor modular switches (Metallic plate) Rs. 1400
Schneider modular switches Rs. 30- Rs. 170
Gold Medal modular switches (Metallic plate) Rs. 1188

Minimalistic and Wooden Modular Switches

The most recent fashion is minimalism. As a result, it has become a favorite interior design trend, from minimalistic kitchen designs to minimalistic outdoor spaces.

Additionally, a lot of companies in India produce minimalist electrical fixtures with clean geometry, subdued color palettes, and straightforward angles.

Ironically, wood continues to be unquestionably the top interior trend. Additionally, hardwood switches have a rich, aristocratic appearance. Additionally, wooden switches are the ideal solution.

Great White switches are elegant and simplistic without a support frame. Also, their price range varies from Rs. 600 to Rs. 3000.

Different brands of modular switches

Brand Price Range
Great White switches (wood finish plate) Rs. 175- Rs. 700
Gold Medal modular switches (wood finish plate) Rs. 550
Anchor modular switches (wood finish plate) Rs. 900

Coloured Modular Switches

What could be better, then, than a switch that coordinates with the color of the space? Additionally, some might contrast with the paint in a room or match its color. These can also be found in a variety of color combinations for a more contemporary appearance.

Brand Price Range
Great White switches (coloured) Rs.90
Gold Medal modular switches (wood finish plate) Rs.100
Legrand switches (coloured) Rs.110
Schneider switches (coloured) Rs.80

Modular Switch Board

Numerous variables, like the number of keys, the type of material used, the brand, and others, affect the modular switchboard's cost. But we've divided the following modular switchboard pricing range into different categories.

Brand Price per piece
Anchor modular Rs. 18- Rs. 450/piece
Havells modular Rs. 17- Rs. 450/piece
Legrand modular Rs. 57- Rs. 1,180/piece
GM switchboard Rs. 21- Rs. 360/piece


These switch brands are cleverly constructed to last a long time and enhance walls. They are designed to make an impression and provide excellent performance.

To provide top-notch quality, dependability, and longevity, the greatest technology is combined with refined engineering.

We offer the greatest modular switch brands in India for usage in the home, workplace, and industry, regardless of their performance or design.

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