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The smells from the dishes can be bothersome during cooking. particularly when preparing hot Indian food. Additionally, they make sure that your kitchen walls stay clean. Finding the greatest chimney for an Indian kitchen is essential for this reason.

All hygiene and safety regulations in the kitchen now demand a chimney. Kitchen chimneys are necessary for all kitchens, whether or not they are modular. The market offers a wide range of choices. The following is a guide to finding the best kitchen chimney brand.


Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India

An electrical device called a kitchen chimney is made to help you get rid of smoke and dangerous fumes that are produced when cooking. Additionally, it removes oil vapours from the air that are released while cooking, keeping your kitchen tidy. Modern kitchen chimneys also enhance the design of the kitchen. So, here are the Best Chimneys for Kitchens in India.

Kaff Chimney 

To fit all sorts of kitchens, KAFF offers the broadest selection of styles and technological innovations in kitchen chimneys which makes it the best kitchen chimney brand. Various models are offered based on various features, colours, and installation styles. These kitchen chimneys with strong airflow keep your kitchen clean and tidy while also adding style. When it comes to kitchen electric chimneys, Kaff is the best kitchen chimney brand in India. 

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Hindware Chimney

There is no doubt that the steel grey finish on this chimney will improve the overall beauty of your kitchen. It is rather quiet, uses little energy to function, and has a one-touch control mechanism that will be simple for any user to use.

With this appliance's thermal auto-clean system and strong metallic blower, cooking is hassle-free. It has a metal oil collector cup, a stainless steel baffle filter, and an LED bulb.

One of the top kitchen chimneys for Indian cooking is this one. Enjoy constant access to smoke-free, pristine air. 1 year of product warranty plus 5 years of motor warranty.

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Elica Chimney

One of the modern kitchen chimneys available is the Elica Chimney. It has an efficient design in addition to a creative one. Instead, it has a sealed motor that handles all the work and one excellent metal blower system that gets rid of all the smelly smoke. It is equipped with a motion sensor and has a single strong suction capacity. A futuristic design adds to its attractive appearance.

The other features of this incredibly creative equipment are an onboard heat auto-clean system, an oil collection, LED lighting, and a touch control panel. Though it is a little expensive.

Faber Chimney

Without mentioning a product from Faber, a list of the top kitchen chimneys will fall short. One of today's top goods is the Faber Chimney. The nicest chimney in an Indian kitchen is this Faber type.

It is accurate in terms of Elica's pricing range, and this one might just be its toughest rival. The 1500 m3/hr suction is first and foremost the highest on our list and the finest in its class. That's a lot of electricity to continuously maintain clean surroundings and fresh air in your kitchen.

Even the cutting-edge auto-clean feature might only be seen as a plus with such suction force. Contrary to how expensive these devices can be, this one is quite minimal maintenance and uses baffle-type filtration.

Additionally, it has one of the strongest motors on our list that many customers have had firsthand experience with. And it has unrivalled durability. It is made to last for a very long time and is also fairly simple to use, it makes it the best kitchen chimney brand.

Additionally, it has a touch panel and LED lights. provides excellent value for the money invested and is a sound long-term investment for anyone.

Eurodomo Chimney

One of the most attractive kitchen chimneys available right now is the Eurodomo 60cm 1200m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney- Hood Classy HC TC 60. This chimney style is the least expensive on our list of the best kitchen chimney brand.

Along with its sophisticated appearance, it is equipped with a stainless steel baffle-type filter that is ready to snag smoke, residual particles, and oil. It also requires very little upkeep.

How to Select the Best Kitchen Chimney brand in India 

To make cooking more enjoyable, an efficient kitchen chimney absorbs oil and odours while ventilation your kitchen, It is crucial to select the appropriate form of the chimney for the kitchen before purchasing a chimney, whether it be online or in another market. Along with that, it also evaluates the types of chimney filters, how much electricity is used, and other factors. You may choose the best chimney for your particular kitchen with the help of all of these considerations.

With the aid of these fundamental suggestions, choose the best kitchen chimney brand:

Related to Size

Based on the size of your stove and kitchen, choose a chimney. To efficiently absorb the smoke, the chimney's proportions should be somewhat larger than the size of your stove. The two most common chimney sizes are 60 cm and 90 cm. If you have a two-burner stove, you might choose a chimney that is 60 cm broad. Choose a chimney that is 90 cm broad if your stove has three or more burners.

Ducting type

It is ultimately up to you whether you choose a ducted or ductless chimney, but ducted hoods function better in Indian households where cooking uses a lot of oil. They are more effective at absorbing heat, moisture, and smoke. The installation of a ducted chimney in a location where the duct pipe can be released from the kitchen is the sole drawback. In comparison, a ductless chimney is more streamlined and doesn't need any external pipe.

Service of Companies

Make sure the kitchen chimney you purchase is from a reputable company that provides free installation and quick post-purchase support. Because they perform several labour-intensive tasks, chimneys need routine maintenance to operate at their best. Also, check if the brand you’re considering purchasing has a solid network setup in your area to minimise a delay in response. Before purchasing a chimney, read reviews and consult with friends and family because, unless required, you won't be changing it anytime soon. 

Suction wise

Your cooking habits and style should be taken into account when determining a chimney's suction capacity. Suction rates range from 400 cubic metres per hour to 1,600 cubic metres per hour. A capacity of between 700 and 1,000 m3/hr should be adequate if you like healthy, low-oil cooking. However, choose a chimney with a suction power of 1200 m3/hr or more if you frequently produce deep-fried dishes.


Every kitchen in India needs the best kitchen chimney brand in India. A kitchen chimney is a terrific method to promote ventilation and airflow in your kitchen. Additionally, it can be a frightening thought while you plan your kitchens. Imagine that it's most likely excessively ostentatious, costly, or possibly not a good value for the money.

It's essential for keeping the kitchen or the entire house sanitary, not only for aesthetic reasons. So buckle up and get ready to enhance your kitchen because we're going to go into more detail about its numerous advantages in the section after we assess the best kitchen chimney brand.

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