5 Reasons to Use Corrosion-Resistant TMT Bars to Build Your Dream House

Although the structure of a home building is made of bricks and cement mixture, you cannot ignore the strength of its foundation without encompassing the role of bars. If you have the experience of renovating or building a home from scratch, you might have come across iron rods or similar other iron objects that get corroded over time when left untouched. Wondering what happens to the iron bars that are used to build the foundations, pillars, and ceilings of a home?

Corrosion does not leave sight of its prey there as well. If not constructed properly and with the right materials, there is a high risk of buildings crumbling down into a heap of dust earlier than expected. While the corrosion of iron bars does threaten the integrity of a home, you can eliminate this risk by using corrosion-resistant TMT (Thermo-Mechanically Treated) bars. 

Renowned TMT bar manufacturers in India follow a multi-step process to manufacture corrosion-resistant TMT bars. They use a rust-resistant coating of elements like zinc, copper, chromium, and phosphorus to prevent structural failure.

Learned the basics related to the use of TMT bars for your dream home? Let’s cover the heart of the topic to help you better understand the value of corrosion-resistant TMT bars.

Withstand harsh environment and climate

Harsh weather conditions, when continued over a long time, are unbearable for both humans and human-made structures. While most buildings are designed to withstand the power of changing weather in different regions, extreme climates like intense heat, heavy rainfall, and chilling winter months can deteriorate the structure of a building. This is where you need corrosion-resistant TMT bars for long-term benefits.

TMT bars coated with corrosion-resistant materials have a hard outer layer of martensite that is the ideal choice for humid environments, such as coastal areas or regions having acidic soil. Since building a home is a big one-time investment, you can live worry-free for years to come, knowing that the building has the strength it needs to remain unaffected because of changing climatic conditions.

In other words, if you live in a region that witnesses extreme climates, it makes sense to choose corrosion-resistant TMT bars for your home.

High yield strength and ductility

The formation of a complex building design often involves bending the straight structural bars to make different designs and building elements. If these long bars are not strong and ductile enough to withstand bends, you would not be able to create an attractive home building except the one that has only walls and a ceiling.

Corrosion-resistant TMT bars are flexible enough to sustain bends and welding needs as per your home design requirements. They are designed in a way that they won’t show any sign of deformation or cracks even after they are bent or twisted several times.

You can also consider the bendability of construction bars as a test before selection. Bars that tend to break while being bent during installation do not have adequate strength for long-term benefits. You can ask the leading online construction material sellers for their recommendations about the best quality TMT bars.

Help Increase Building Life

If you have ever visited a construction site in its early stages of development, you might have seen zig-zag formations made of TMT bars being covered with concrete. 

Have you ever wondered what holds the concrete at the ceilings even though there are no bricks used in between? The truth is - concrete surrounds the net formed using TMT bars and sticks to it once it becomes hard and rigid. The corrosion-resistant coating on top-quality TMT bars prevents them from being eroded. Eventually, it also prevents the formation of cracks or spalls that may otherwise happen because of corrosion.

Suitable for seismic zones

People living in earthquake-prone regions often face significant financial losses as their homes collapse during intense seismic activity. If you live in or nearby such regions, it is quite important to build a home with extra foundational strength. This is where corrosion-resistant TMT bars beat the normal construction bars in terms of quality.

The use of TMT bars for home construction in seismic zones is worth the price payable as they provide significant strength to the buildings. They can easily withstand minor earthquakes without causing any structural damage. This not only protects your home from significant damage but also allows you to save money in the long run.

Unlike in the building structures in plain regions, you can also add steel frames to the walls to make them earthquake-resistant. This is way stronger than unreinforced masonry buildings which are only made of clay tiles.

Versatile applications

A home’s structure does not only include walls and roofs that require high quality TMT bars in the masonry stage. Sewage drains are one of the lesser-known segments of a home building that are made of TMT bars. Since waste water constantly flows through these drains, the bars used are even more susceptible to corrosion because of acids and salts flowing along with the water. 

You can simply avoid damage to internal drains and make them long-lasting by using corrosion-resistant TMT bars. 


Constructing a home can be both exciting and intimidating but it does not have to be. While many of you may feel confused about the right choice of construction materials, you can clear all your doubts by digging deeper into the pros and cons of different types of TMT bars. By selecting corrosion-resistant TMT bars, you can turn your vision of a dream home into a reality. 

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