The toilet (commode) is an essential component to having a great bathroom. There are many aspects and features that should be considered when selecting the perfect toilet for your bathrooms such as types, trap way, flush tank, and brand.

1.Types of commodes

a)  Wall Mounted commodes: Exactly as the name suggests wall-mounted commodes are hung on the wall, not on the floor. It takes less space and it has a very pleasing look because here the water tank is hidden behind the wall. Wall-mounted commodes make the cleaning and maintenance very easy. The most common bathrooms are wall mounded commodes. Wall Mounted Commode
b) Floor Mounted commodes: Floor mounted commodes are placed on the floor, there are two types

  • One-piece commode:
    One-piece toilets are constructed as one unit, where the tank will be together with the bowl, and it will have one whole unit in the bowl, however, one-piece toilet cleaning is very easy compared to a two-piece. One piece commode
  • Two-piece toilet Commode: Two-piece commode will come with a separate tank and bowl. Both toilets have the same flushing system, It will be more expensive compared to one piece.two piece commode

c) Smart Commode: If the users want the most comfortable toilet then they can choose this smart toilet. Smart commodes have hand free-flushing system and, automatic temperature controlled seat cover and self-cleaning system. It also has a dual flushing option and helps save water.

2.Trap Way & Distance:

Before purchasing the commode user need to check trap way & trap distance. Two different trap types available S Trap & P Trap. Different sizes are available they are 100mm to 149mm, 150mm to 199mm, 200mm to 249mm & 250mm to 299mm

a) S-Trap: Here trap will come in “S” shape, usually trap will carry drainage water and waste things to underground. These toilets are floor mouthedS trap

b) P-Trap: Here trap will come in “P” shape, Wall-mounted commode have only P trap. P trap

3. Flush Tanks

when you look at the toilet you can see the two-component one is the toilet bowl and another is tank, Flush tanks are usually combined to supply water to the closet. After flushing, the tank will refill water automatically from the main water supply. The key functions of the flush are to save water. The small flashes carry 3 liters and main flushes use up to 6 liters of water. Flush Tanks


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Top water closet brands available in the market

  1. Jaquar:  Jaquar is one of the complete fastest-growing Bathroom and Lighting Solutions brands in the world with presence in over 45 + countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia- Pacific, Africa, and the SAARC region, Jaquar Group CAGR of last 5 years is over 22, Jaquar Group caters to various segments of the bathroom and lighting industry with different brands: 1) Artize for the Luxury segment, 2) Jaquar for a Premium segment, 3) Essco for the Value segment
  2. Cera:  Cera Sanitaryware Ltd on the back of the wide appeal of the CERA brand, established position in the organized sanitary ware industry, an extensive distribution network India’s fastest-growing company in the segment. Keeping the needs of the modern customer in mind, CERA opens the doorway to the world of style. Growth has remained uninterrupted, only outperforming itself. Its responsibility does not end with manufacturing quality products. A team of over two hundred technicians across India provides prompt after-sales service to its customers.
  3. Hindware: Over the decades, the flagship brand ‘Hindware’ has emerged as a leading Indian sanitary ware and faucet brand driven by consistent innovation. Hindware believes that quality consists of products and services, which is why, they are committed to continuous improvement through path-breaking technology, meaningful innovation, human resource development, and world-class quality management systems for superior customer satisfaction.
  4. Parryware:  Parryware India’s leading manufacturer of bathroom products, originated from EID Parry, The journey started in 1952 when Parryware started under EID Parry in Ranipet. The company joined hands with Royal Doulton in 1960 and inaugurated a new casting unit in 1976. A change came knocking in 1980 when Muruguppa group took over the Parryware brand. Five years later, in 1985 a revolution was born in shape of the Cascade range of closets which upgraded Parryware from just a bathroom product manufacturer to a brand that stood for glamorous of the country’s oldest and most reputed business entities. In 2006, it entered into a joint venture with Roca Corporation
  5. Kohler: Kohler Co. was co-founded in 1873 by Austrian immigrant John Michael Kohler and Charles Silberzahn with the purchase of the Sheboygan Union Iron and Steel Foundry from Kohler’s father-in-law, Jacob Vollrath, for $5000.[5] Early products included cast iron and steel farm implements, castings for furniture factories, and ornamental iron pieces including cemetery crosses and settees. A breakthrough came in 1883 when John Michael applied enamel to a cast-iron horse trough to create the company’s first bathtub. The company has been primarily in the plumbing business ever since, and is known for its plumbing fixtures