Colors Available In Sinks:

There are plenty of kitchen sink colors available in the market, choose the color based on the interior of the kitchen. Few colors are listed below

1) Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink:

Stainless steel Kitchen Sink

2) Nera Kitchen Sink:
Nera Kitchen Sink

3) Corn Flakes Sink:

Corn flakes Sink

4) Snova Kitchen Sink:

Snova Kitchen Sink

kitchen sink

Kitchen Sink Finish

Glossy and matte are the major finish used in the Sinks.

Unique Design In Stainless Sink:

1) Single Bowl Kitchen Sink:

Single bowl Kitchen sink

2) Single Bowl Sink With Drainer

Single bowl sink with drainer

3) Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

4) Double Bowl Kitchen Sink With Drainer

Double Bowl Kitchen Sink with drainer

5) Corner Sink

Corner kitchen sink

Different Style of Sinks Available:

  • Under Mount

Under Mount Sinks helps us to wipe the kitchen slab easily and ensure a dry kitchen. Also since the water does not come in direct touch with the joints, it ensures that the adhesives do not wear off and prevents leakages from developing at the joints.

Under Mounted Sink

  • Overmount sink

The kitchen sink is the customary type of sink where the edges of the sink are put on the countertop.

Over mount sink

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