Choose a Water Heater

How To Choose A New Water Heater

Basic components:  Following basic components, you should look for when purchasing a water heater for your home. 1.Heating element:     a).Glass coating: The glass lining element reduces electricity bills and increases the life of the heating element.
Safety components of water heater

Safety Components of water Heater

Safety components to be considered before buying a Water heater, Human Skin can take water temperature up to  30 to 40 degree. 1)Thermostat: Regulates temperature by cutting power supply beyond a set temperature.
Types of water heater available in market

Types of water heaters available in the market

Oldest water heater: Water heaters have been in use for a very long time. The oldest water heaters used to be bulky, slow and energy inefficient. Most of them were heavy metal-based and not entirely safe. We have since moved ...
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Kitchen Sink Design

Kitchen Sink Design Ideas for Your Perfect Kitchen

Colors Available In Sinks: There are plenty of kitchen sink colors available in the market, choose the color based on the interior of the kitchen. Few colors are listed below 1) Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink: 2) Nera Kitchen Sink: 3) ...
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8 Accessories to consider while buying kitchen sink

Kitchen sinks form an important part of any household. Following 8 Kitchen Sink Accessories Will Make Your Kitchen Stylish & Modern 1) Wire Basket for Kitchen Sink Used to drain the washed vessels, This method is used to keep the ...
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Key Aspects of Stainless Steel kitchen sink

HISTORY OF KITCHEN SINK Kitchen sinks form an important part of any household. The history of kitchen sinks goes back by almost 150 years.
  • Kitchen sinks started as bowls rested on tabletops. Over time, the tabletops were cut and ...
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Plywood Guide: Choose the Good Quality Plywood

Plywood is a material manufactured from thin layers or "plies" of wood veneer that are glued together with adjacent layers having their wood grain rotated up to 90 degrees to one another. It is an engineered wood from the family ...
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The Tiles Of India!

The prices of ceramic tiles is expected to go up on the back of some of the recent developments. The National Green Tribunal recently ordered the shutdown of all ceramic units running on coal gasifiers. As many as 550 out ...
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Advantages of opting for tile Against Marbles

 Let us share with you a few advantages of opting for tile flooring as opposed to granite or marble floorings. | This Will Clear you dilemmas
  • Advantage # 1 - Variety: The number of design & color options are more in ...
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Choosing the right Overhead Water Tank

Overhead Water Tanks is one of the most essential and important product for every structure that's being built today. Mainly used for storage purpose, these Water Tanks have a capacity to store water to about 25000 Litres. Water is used ...
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Health Faucets – a more of an advantage

Health Faucets are the most essential product these days in anyone's bathroom. Be it here or anywhere in the world, every bathroom will compulsorily have this product. Health Faucets are also known as Bidet Showers. Although Health Faucet provides a ...
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Sports Day celebrations @ Shankara Buildpro Boy’s Home

Sports Day was celebrated in grand fashion at Shankara Buildpro Boy's Home on 22nd September 2018. The event was held from 9:30am and went on till 5:30pm. About close to 150 children were a part of the event with all ...
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